Over 6 million people have decided that online learning is the best way to upskill. But, why? The answer is simple. eLearning providers like Springboard India offer flexible, cost-effective, and easy to access practical courses on the go. 

Your future career plans depend on your ability to add most in-demand skills to your CV that will help you advance to the next level in any chosen field. If you work in the IT industry, you might already be aware that upgrading to future technologies is crucial to turning your dreams into reality. To make sure that you make the most out of your valuable time and money, Springboard India offers a 1:1 mentoring-led online learning data analytics course, data science course, or AI and machine learning course along with a job guarantee.

If you’re like most people, who once get involved with a concept, (say for example machine learning) tries to dive deep into it, then you will quickly realize there is always something more to learn and explore. So you buy books, watch videos, subscribe for tech newsletters, and talk to peers who are more experienced in machine learning than you are. However, what you really need is the opportunity to fiddle with actual machine learning algorithms in a real-world environment that provides you access to a real-life machine learning expert who can answer your questions and help you understand how you can leverage machine learning for real-world applications. What you need is Springboard India- the best upskilling companion for online learning. 

Why Choose Springboard India for Online Learning in Data Science Course, AI, ML Course, Data Analytics Course?

We have been training professionals like you from all over the world since 2016. With over 300+ award-winning certified mentors having trained 10,000+ professionals across 100 countries, our promise to our learners is to deliver a human touch intensive consumer-led learning experience. Springboard launched India-specific programs for data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in March of 2019. It has been an incredible and rewarding journey so far and we’d like to share it with you. Here is a video with one of the Springboard Learners, Artitra Chattaraj, who has successfully made a career transition from a liberal arts student to a Data Scientist.

We also sat down with four Springboard India learners across different job roles and industries to understand what prompted them to choose Springboard India as their learning partner. Career transition for growth and development was for sure one of the major drivers behind why learners chose Springboard India but what were the other reasons? Here’s what they had to say about up-skilling with Springboard India and transitioning into their dream careers  –

One-to-One Mentoring: Adding Human Touch to Online Learning

Humanness is a core value at Springboard. This transcends to our learning model, our interactions with learners and team members. We understand that learning online can be a lonely affair and we have tried to solve it by providing human intervention at every step of the learning path. The success of our programs and the mentor and learner network we have been able to establish since inception is a validation of our belief that human touch-led learning is the best way to learn! In fact, according to a research report that recorded the responses of 2,880 people, learners who had mentorship guidance were twice as likely to pass the course than those who did not. 

The main problem learners often face with upskilling programs is the disconnect with the fast-moving industry and real-life scenarios. While assignments and projects bridge the gap to an extent, think how cool it would be if you had a real-life data scientists / ML Engineer assigned to you as a mentor and whom you can touch base every week for 1:1 mentorship customised to your needs, projects, background and career goals? Well this is exactly what Springboard provides and unlike other online players, our mentoring is truly 1:1, not 1:many!

In addition to personalised feedback from industry experts on your recently submitted assignments and capstone projects, SME mentors will also help you understand what it’s like being a data scientist or an ML engineer in the real world, while assisting you with anything that you are stuck with on your learning path. Our tailored mentoring programs will help you transition your career to new heights in an efficient way.
Also, learning never stops and once you’re done with a class, it’s obvious to have follow-up questions and clarifications. At Springboard India, you have teaching assistants and slack communities with peers and experts which will solve it for you!

Here’s what Pratik who started learning data science with Springboard India had to say about the 1:1 mentoring sessions –“The mentor has given me perspective on how end-to-end data science process works. While I was self-learning, I used to focus only on the Machine Learning algorithms parts, reason being we do not deal into data grabbing and deployment side of things which is exactly done in the industry. The mentor has helped me correct that perspective. The mentor also has been a learner at some point in their life let’s say around 8-10 years back. So, that part is very important. I still remember when I was looking forward to reading something on the recommender system topic. So, rather than a general habit to go back to the book where I read from scratch, the mentor helped me in a precise manner giving me a chapter of the book specifying the important topic to be read for the recommender system. So, this is something I won’t get without the mentor’s guidance.”

Pratik Singh, Springboard Learner

Learn from Award-Winning Certified Instructors Who are Passionate 

If you do a quick google search for “Data Science Training”, you’ll stumble upon millions of results. What you won’t get is an assurance that your mentors will be there to help you anytime in the future. With Springboard India-you have that assurance. We are committed to meeting every individual’s learning needs, both now and for years to come.  Each of our mentors has in-depth current and relevant industry/organizational knowledge, expertise, and/ or skills that every learner at Springboard wishes to develop. The passion that Springboard mentors possess in the concepts they teach is one of the reasons why our learners keep coming back to learn future technologies. What motivates our learners is the compelling excitement our mentors show in their subject matter. Springboard mentors engage the learners, connect them with each other and create an environment to nurture productive interactions amongst learners.

Springboard India – The Job Guarantee Promise

You will stumble upon thousands of e-learning providers when it comes to your choices for a data science course, AI and machine learning course, or Data Analytics course. But will these guarantee a job after course completion? Would you be willing to spend money on a training package only to find out that the provider does not help you with the career transition you are upskilling for? Definitely, a big NO. 

Springboard India is the only one that offers a job placement guarantee. Our mentor-guided online programs for data analytics, data science, and machine learning are designed to get you hired. Our programs won’t just give you the technical knowledge needed to qualify for your dream job, we will actually help you find one. Get a job or get your money back is what we’re committed to. We do this by enabling our learners with life skills to make career transition. We do this by:
1. Career coaching curriculum in parallel with technical curriculum
Our learners not only get trained in the technical, project-led curriculum they have signed up for, they are also trained in making their dream career transition possible
2. Career coach for every learner
The career coaches guide learners through applying for jobs, have weekly calls, do interview prep, advise them on career growth, job descriptions, resume creation, professional networking, time management, soft skills, salary negotiation and more.

For Afrid whose journey at Springboard India has been an amazing learning experience, “The special aspect of job guarantee offered by Springboard India is which I like the most. Springboard’s Career Coaches actually train you and make you capable to find any type of job in the industry for example Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, etc. So, overall they help us to realize the difference between different job roles in the industry which is a concern most of us have while entering into this industry. “

Afrid Mondal, Springboard Learner

Project Led Curriculum: Learn Analytic Skills Practically On The Go

Capstone projects are an integral part of learning at Springboard as they encompass everything that you learn in a practical way. Each project is designed to challenge you on all the modules you learn throughout the course. These capstone projects can act as an asset in building an impressive data science/machine learning project portfolio. Mentors closely monitor and advise learners on projects.

Uncompromising Quality of Learning

You work to meticulous standards and so do we. Our investment in technology ensures that your learning experience is every bit as engaging as a classroom training you may have taken in person.  At Springboard India, we continually monitor the classes and pay attention to every learner’s feedback. Right from course curriculum, content creation, custom assignments, hands-on labs, capstone projects, and as well after-class support- to everything we do, we are committed to meet or exceed the expectations of our learners. We have brought in the best minds in each subject area and taken their help to curate the best content for each module. We do not spend time in creating content on technologies that are ever-changing, instead we spend time on updating it continually so that every learner’s learning goal is met.

For Shaleen who works as a Senior Software Engineer Pitney Bowes India Pvt. Ltd, “Previously, I have done more than 20 MOOC’s and every time I use to do a MOOC, there was always a bridge that I had to cross between what I was learning and what I was going to use because the human tendency is, you tend to forget. However, Springboards courses include a well-curated curriculum on-par with industry standards, this is definite.”

Shaleen Taneja, Springboard Learner

Learn From Anywhere, Any Time 

One cannot just stop going to work for the sake of upskilling. With Springboard India, you don’t have to.  All our sessions are recorded and can be followed irrespective of the location you happen to be. The power of mobility is a fantastic feature that everyone has but when combined with something as good as Springboard, it becomes cool to learn and acquire new skills. Springboard India’s 1:1 mentor-led, project-based data science, data analytics and AI/ML career tracks are industry-focussed online learning programs which come with a job guarantee, designed to prepare you for a meaningful and successful career in future technologies.