Today, organizations collect heaps of data from various sources like websites, social media, legacy systems, IoT devices, and others on a day-to-day basis. However, this data remains useless unless it is seen from the eyes of a data scientist. This is the reason why data science has become a buzzword today, and people are rushing toward data scientist jobs. Aren’t you wondering what does a data scientist do? Why are data scientist jobs a hot career option today? Read the article to find out.

What Does a Data Scientist Do?  

As per job portals like Dice and Indeed, there has been an overwhelming 400% increase in the data scientist jobs from 2013, which is growing 29% year over year. Needless to say, the opportunities in the data science field are tremendous. To understand what does a data scientist do, we need to first understand what data science is.  

What is Data Science?

Data science is the study that amalgamates domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. In other words, data science is the study of where the information comes from, what it signifies, and how it can be converted into a valuable resource, creating innovative business strategies. 

Let’s take an example to understand the concept of data science better. Internet search is probably one of the things that we all are dependent on. When we talk about search, the first thing that strikes our mind is ‘Google’. Right? Had there been no data science, we wouldn’t have known the same ‘Google’ it is today. 

In addition to Google, there are several other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and so on. All these search engines utilize data science algorithms to deliver the best results for our searched query in a blink. Today, many companies are realizing the significance of data science. Regardless of industry, organizations that intend to stay ahead of the competitive curve in the big data era need to competently develop and implement data science capabilities.

Data science continues to progress as one of the most in-demand career options for skilled professionals. Today, successful data scientists understand that they must upgrade the outdated skills of analyzing voluminous data, data mining, and programming skills. In order to discover valuable insights for their organizations, data scientists must learn the complete data science life cycle and have the understanding to maximize returns at every phase of the process.

Day-to-Day Job of a Data Scientist

Now that we know what is data science, the question that springs up is who is a data scientist? In layman’s terms, a data scientist is an alchemist who turns raw data into gold, meaning someone who solves critical problems for the clients as well as the business. So, what does a data scientist do? Let’s dig into a data scientist’s day-to-day job.

A data scientist uses statistics, machine learning, and analytical skills to convert the raw data prepared by the data engineers and data architects into something that can be consumed. In other words, a data scientist spends considerable time to collect, clean, and understand data, which requires know-how in statistics and programming skills for understanding biases in the data, and for debugging logging output from code. Once the data is organized, a significant part is data analysis, which blends visualization and data sense. Then, the data scientist finds patterns and builds algorithms to understand product usage and the overall health of the product. He/she is a critical part of data-driven decision making and communicates with team members, engineers, and leadership to make them comprehend the situation.

Data science experts apply machine learning algorithms to text, numbers, images, audio, video, and more to build artificial intelligence (AI) systems, performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. As a result, these systems generate insights that organizations can transform into tangible business value.

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist 

Data scientists are responsible for guiding an organization based on the potential of data. Let’s find out the various responsibilities that a data scientist shoulders.

  • A data scientist helps in laying the foundation of scientific and technical capabilities to support different data analytics projects. He/She stays on top of the industry trends, providing the best of recommendations to a business. Data scientists build an in-depth understanding of the problem domain and available data assets related to strategic initiatives and value-based programs.
  • A data scientist is responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating advanced statistical models and approaches for an organization’s most complex needs. He/She creates econometric and statistical models for a multitude of problems, including projections, clustering, classification, simulations, pattern analysis, and so on. In his/her capacity, a data scientist finds new ways of predicting end-user behavior as well as investigating data summarization and visualization techniques for conveying key analytics findings. 
  • He/She plays a strategic role in developing new approaches to comprehend consumer behaviors as well as trends to solve complex issues. A data scientist is responsible for generating actionable insights applying statistical techniques. Their job also involves cleansing of voluminous unstructured data to query the data and address different business needs.
  • A data scientist collaborates with senior data scientists to communicate the findings to stakeholders, improving decision making, and driving business performance. He/She also works closely with data analytics, data engineers, product managers, and the IT department across the business in solving complex business requirements.

Skill Sets of a Successful Data Scientist

The field of data science involves:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science disciplines

A data scientist is someone who can incorporate techniques such as machine learning, data mining, cluster analysis, and visualization. Let’s discuss the skills that aspiring data scientists need to become successful.

The most critical requirement in a data science job description is an in-depth knowledge of:

  • mathematical modeling
  • algorithms
  • programming languages like R and Python.

Besides, a data scientist is expected to be good at narrating eloquently. He/she needs to be an excellent storyteller to explain what’s happening in the data science landscape to the clients and the business.

How do I make a Career Transition to Data Science?

The transition from a non-data scientist role to that of a data scientist is not a herculean task neither is it a cakewalk. Becoming a successful data scientist is not an overnight journey. You can become a data scientist by thinking like one, which involves learning every single day.

Data scientists analyze voluminous data that brings value to the organizations, boosting their sales and growth. Though there is a huge demand for data scientists, shortage of skilled data science professionals exists today, which creates a massive demand-supply gap. 

When applied to different fields, data science can lead to incredible new insights. And the professionals that are employing it are already reaping the benefits. Do you also choose to become one of them? This is the right time. 

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