User Experience Design, more conveniently known as UX design involves making products that allow users to have richer and streamlined experiences. UX Design depends a lot on ergonomics as well as human behaviour even though it appears as a conceptual design stream. In India, UX Design is popular as an out of the box career alternative. According to the Times of India, if an individual has a knack for design, human behaviour, technical know-how, web-design then he/she would get a lucrative UX Designer Salary. While the base UX Designer Salary starts from an average of ₹ 8-9 Lakh per annum, these insights gathered through Glassdoor and Payscale would help you in acing your UX Design career, understanding the salary trends, and calibrate yourself for better pay.

What is a UX Designer Salary in India?

Companies like TCS, Infosys, Cognizant offer compensation upwards ₹ 7 Lakh per annum, and at SAP Labs, it can go to as coveted figure as that of ₹ 12 Lakh per annum and more. The salary of UX Designers also relies a lot on their skill set and the cities they are based out of! On the basis of the same, the average UX Designers Salary in India is ₹ 8.74 Lakhs per annum.

Source: Glassdoor

Beginner Level UX Designer Salary

With less than one year of experience, you start with a salary of average ₹ 4 Lakh per annum. This could be applicable to recently pass out design students or individuals who have not started working on real-world projects.

Source: Payscale

Entry Level UX Designer Salary

You may or may not have a design degree, but with 1-4 years of work experience, by taking the UX course on Springboard, hustling as a freelance or a full-time UX Designer, you can expect growth of ₹ 7-10 Lakhs per annum at the least in your job. There are a few companies who might be ready to compensate more than that if your work really stands out and you have the advanced skill sets.

Source: Payscale

Mid Career or Experienced UX Designer Salary

If you have worked with a diverse set of clients as a consultant or have 5-9 years of experience as a UX Designer, there are companies like SAP, Adobe that compensate upwards ₹ 15 Lakhs per annum or more.

Cities of India that Offer Competent Salary to UX Designers

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is home to some of the most promising startups and multi-national corporations. And, that’s why it offers the maximum job opportunities to UX Designers along with above the industry standards compensation against their talent.

Source: Glassdoor

Furthermore, cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon also attract some of the best minds and graduates from NID, IDC-IITB, and other colleges and offers good salary.

Making a Career as a UX Designer

The term “User Experience” was coined by Donald Norman, who researched design, ease of use, and cognitive science as a professor.  According to him, as a UX Designer, you are involved in the complete product design process. You build the basics for securing, consolidating a product. Moreover, you also thoroughly look into design, branding, aesthetics, accessibility, functionality.  A UX Designer primarily delves into understanding the fundamentals of the product: Why? What? And How? By extrapolating the same, you deal with users’ intentions for the product, its functionality, and how it all can be made more aesthete and streamlined. 

By now, you must have known that UX Design is a vast discipline. And that’s why it needs talent from various backgrounds. You may have studied psychology, design, programming, interaction design, or not, but with user-centred research and a never say die mindset, you can create a niche of your own as a UX Designer. Quintessentially, the UX Designer Salary trends depend on all of these factors and also if you have had side projects as a freelance UX Designer or as an intern early in your career.

Skills Needed For an Above Average UX Designer Salary

Having a bachelor’s degree in design can surely build your foundation as a UX Designer. But the design industry also thrives on skills that adapt to the trends. So, along with taking relevant courses on UX Design, these are few skills that impact the UX Designer Salary Trends:

1. Spot on Visualization and Creativity

Creativity is a muscle that you need to keep building. With time, if you use it to get a clear idea about the final product through visualization then it would be your greatest strength. This would eventually help you in terms of visual design as well as the aesthetics of the product.

2. Know-How About Design in Sync with Business

A good business springs out of good designs and vice versa. So, developing a keen understanding of both of these is critical for landing that dream UX Designer job or even a freelance project. Additionally, sound knowledge about prototyping, wireframing tools differentiates you as a learned UX Designer.

3. Building a User-Centric Approach

Though you may be an artist, programmer, or a businessman at heart, thinking like an end-user for creating the product design is absolutely critical to succeed as a UX Designer. 

4. Love for Details and Design

The devil as they say always lies in the details. So, early in your career, if you start taking note of the details, the visual touchstones of various projects, your company, clients would take notice of it and it would impact your salary.

5. Strong Programming and Analytical Skills

Technical and logical know-how is like icing on top of a cake and goes a long way in a UX Designer’s career. Understanding the mindset of a user through logic helps in creating better product designs.

6. Problem Solving Mindset and Inclination to Collaborate

A UX Designer collaborates with umpteen peers across various lines of business. Therefore, this keenness to communicate, collaborate, and solve pertinent product issues with a balanced mindset ends up taking you a long way in your career.

Salary trends for UX Designers vary as per the designation, cities, and even the alma maters. Yet, through our research, we found that by staying relevant in the design industry, learning complementary skills, hustling with projects and being abreast with the trends is the stepping stone for that UX Designer Salary that you always dreamt for. To make headway into UX design, and gain the foundational skills of UX research, consider Springboard’s UI/UX design online learning program, which also includes 1:1 mentorship, coaching, real-world projects and a job guarantee!