Google trends show that “UI UX design” as a term is hitting search volumes in India. With thousands of product companies and start-ups in India striving hard to launch products that are easy to use, engaging, aesthetically appealing, and habit forming, UI UX design careers in India are poised for tremendous growth.  LinkedIn’s economic graph predicts that the demand for UI UX design skills is set to gain pace not just globally but also in India. In fact, Bengaluru is among the top 15 cities across the globe that has generated maximum search interest for UI UX design careers in the last one year. Burning Glass, an analytics platform estimates that the average time required to fill a UI or UX design job position is 41 days – very high, indicating a huge demand for UI UX design talent. UI/UX design jobs are one of the most difficult ones to fill as there is a huge knowledge gap in terms of what a UX/UI designer does, how to assess them, and how to find the right experienced professional.

  • 87% of the managers said that hiring UX designers was a top priority.
  • 73% of the managers are likely to double the number of UX designers in the next 5 years.

Going by the stats, the market for design careers could not have been hotter. 2020 is definitely the rise of the UI/UX designer job titles.  

UI UX Design Careers: Everything You Should Know

We at Springboard have always talked about 2020 as an iconic year for bridging the skills gap to meet the increasing demand for talent. Most of us have been an integral part of at least one “2020 Vision” project at Springboard. Turns out 2020 is here and it’s time to launch our so-called 2020 vision into fruition with UI UX Design Career Track. If you have been thinking about UI/UX design careers, 2020 is definitely the time to get started as it is shaping a distinct growth trajectory for the industry in India. It could well be the year where the increasing demand for UI/UX designers will force the professionals to seek a career in UI/UX Design.

Recently, since the launch of our UI/UX Design career track, many aspiring designers often ask these similar questions: What are UI and UX? Are UI and UX both the same?  Is there a demand for UI/UX designers in India? Who can pursue a career in UI/UX? And how exactly can I begin a career in the UI/UX industry? We’ve put together this article to help you with all the basic information you need to know about design careers.

What is User Interface Design?

UI Design = Visual Design + Interaction Design

UI design deals with the creation of all user touchpoints when interacting with a digital product. User interface design is mainly concerned with the colour combinations, text spacing, placement of buttons, scroll bars, sliders, text entry fields, typography, and a lot more. Any kind of a visual element, animation, or interaction comes under UI design. UI design ensures that the visual and interactive elements are not just aesthetically appealing but are also intuitive, accessible, and inclusive. User interface design is not just limited to visual cues but also includes non-visual cues like the interactions with the interface elements that influence a user’s choice and decisions.

What is User Experience Design?

UX Design = Usability + User Testing

User experience is how a consumer interacts with an application, website, app,  operating system, or any product through all those elements of UI design. It is the art and science of designing how different users experience a product, service or a system. A good UX design is something a user never notices when using a website; it’s elaborate and deliberate. The goal of a great UX design is to enhance user satisfaction in terms of simplicity, accessibility, and usability. 

“Good UX is good business”  said the second president of IBM, Thomas J. Watson.

Organisations that invest in UX design are likely to see lower support cost, decreased customer acquisition cost, increased market share, and increased customer retention. Let’s take a simple example of Watching TV understand UI and UX design. The user experience of watching TV includes various factors like the configuration of your TV, furniture unit in which it is placed, location, content quality, the current state of mind while watching TV and a lot more. To the contrary, the user interface is just a small part of the user experience: the build quality and design of the on-screen menus and the TV remote.

UI Design vs UX Design -Two Sides of the Coin

“UI is the saddle, the stirrups, & the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.” — Dain Miller, Web Developer

Image Credit: Medium

You might have heard many people interchange the terms UI and UX, but they’re not the same. UI design and UX design are the critical components of a product that are inextricably linked that can either make a product or break a product. They are close cousins just like two sides of the same coin that work collectively towards establishing a product in its looks and functionalities. User interface design is a subset of user experience design.

User Interface DesignUser Experience Design
Visual Elements like buttons, scroll bars, checkboxes, layout, and other user controls.User Experiences
Emphasises on what to make Emphasises on what to achieve
It focuses on toolsIt focuses on user interactions

User Interface design is about all the touchpoints(touchpoints could be scrollbars, buttons, swipeable screens, and more) a user encounters when navigating from A to B on an app or a website. All these make a huge difference on the overall user experience of a product, and it is impossible to have a good UX without a good UI and vice-versa. Having an outstanding user interface grabs the attention of the users towards using a website or app while a smooth user experience creates an everlasting impact on the users’ mind. For instance, Flipkart saw a drastic increase in their sales from 2000 crores in 2015 to 3000 crores in 2016 during its Big Billion Day sale season. A major factor that contributed to the increased sales was a complete revamp of the UI and UX  of their mobile app. For a business to be successful, both user interface design and user experience design are equally important. There is nothing like a good UX design without a good UI design.

Who can Pursue a UI UX Design Career?

UI/UX designers come from different walks of life and it is not necessary that one should hail from a computer science or arts background. Are you a problem solver, humble, a creator of new ideas, and empathetic listener, or a combo of all these? Then, yes you will make for a great candidate to pursue a UI UX design career. One necessarily need not have a visual arts education to become a UI UX designer. Empathy, communication, curiosity and LOVE for people can take you a long way along with your design career. Having an endless curiosity about why people do the things they do can make you a creative and successful UX designer. This almost implies without mentioning, however just in case you don’t know a genuine passion and love for technology and specifically the zeal to understand how humans interact with technology makes a candidate perfect fit for a UI UX design career.  All these qualities can shape up a candidate to become a good UI/UX designer.

UI UX Design Careers 2020 and Beyond

Statista reported that mobile apps will generate more than $935 billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2023.  From start-ups to MNC’s everyone is realising the importance of UI and UX design for establishing a brand, creating the demand for UI/UX designers globally. The hiring trends for UI UX design jobs are overwhelmingly positive with exponential growth globally. The future of UI UX design careers beyond 2020 is, perhaps, best predicted by the increasing demand and salaries for designers at consumer tech companies. Economic Times reported that there has been a 3x increase in the salary with leading managerial design roles earning as much as 30 lakhs per annum at top tech companies. This increase in salaries is a clear indicator of the demand-supply imbalance for UI/UX designers.

We are going to culminate this informative content piece with the hope that it has provided you with the insights and information that you have been looking for and helped you make a career change decision – whether to choose design careers or not. So, if you think that you have what it takes to become a UX or a UI designer, it’s time you pause and consider a career transition to UI/UX design.  Check out Springboard’s UI UX Design Career Track to break into the fast-growing UX design industry or to level up your existing design skills that comes with 1:1 mentoring-led, project-driven approach along with career services and a job guarantee. This course will not just teach you the necessary UI/UX design skills but also make you familiar with other important design concepts required to build outstanding and intuitive mobile apps and websites. Talk to our career coach to discuss UI UX design career transition and find out if it’s right for you.