In today’s modern world, design shapes experiences in every aspect of one’s life. From the ergonomic chair you’re sitting on to the email client you are typing into, everything has design. Consequently, those who shape these experiences — designers — are growing in importance and impact. This is especially true in the digital world where  more and more people have access to digital tools like laptops, mobile phones, AR / VR devices etc. The demand for UI / UX designers and the salaries organisations are willing to pay to hire them are expected to grow exponentially. To answer all your questions around UX Design salary in India, we have worked on an ultimate guide that covers the following. Download the guide now!

  • How much does a UX designer earn?
  • How does educational qualification impact UX designer salaries?
  • What skills pay better UX designer salaries?
  • What is the growth in salary based on experience?
  • Which industry pays best UX designer salaries?
  • Which companies pay best UX designer salaries?
  • Does location matter in salary negotiations?
  • How does UX design salary compare to those of related professions?
  • In this e-book, we’ll answer all these questions and more.

UI UX Design Salaries in India

LinkedIn research finds that UX designers earn an average of Rs. 600,000 per annum, on average. 20% of respondents also said they earn a bonus ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 200,000 per annum. But the remuneration of a UX designer depends on a wide range of aspects. Some of the factors which influence salaries are:

  • Educational qualification
  • Work experience
  • Industries
  • Location / geography
  • Companies

For someone looking to enter the field of UX design afresh, salary negotiation might seem difficult. In this ebook, we’ll give you handy tips and suggestions around how you can build a high-paying UX design career for yourself. Download the guide now!

How to command top UX UI salaries?

While gaining the right skills, fine tuning portfolios and gaining relevant work experience are some of the ways in which you can command a top UI UX design salary, nothing beats finding a job that fits you and your skills well. Also, finding the right mentor to guide you in your career journey can also make a huge difference. 

A good UX Designer is a Jack of Many Trades, and Master of Few – find a role/job that utilises the skills you have mastered. If you see aspects of the UX journey that are unattended, take charge – a good UX designer not only does, but also gets things done!

– Narayan Gopalan, Founder – Interaction Design ideas (IxDEAS) & DesignUp Conference

Finding a break in a career like UX design can be intimidating and many aspirants struggle with How to Become a UX Designer. Even with all the information at hand, it can be difficult to navigate the complexities of the field, without someone to guide you. This is where a mentor can play a career-transforming role beyond just guidance. 

Springboard India’s UI UX Design career track gives you exactly this. This mentorship-led program matches you with SMEs who will become your mentors for the duration of the program. With weekly check-ins, capstone projects and guidance beyond curriculum, their personalised mentoring will prepare you for the real-world and help you avoid common pitfalls. You will also have a career coach assigned to help you bag your dream job at the end of the program. Check out our job guarantee online program now.

If you’re looking to break into a UX career and don’t know how, download Springboard’s ultimate guide to understanding UX, gaining skills, building a portfolio and getting a job in UX design.