Data is an asset in the current scenario. By collecting and analyzing data, many different industries can serve their customers better during such unprecedented times. From health care to Insurtech firms, every industry has now understood the need for data-driven business operations. Data Science plays a major role in all this! As every decision needs the inputs based on the data collected, the demand for highly skilled data scientists is on the rise. With rising competition every day, good data science companies are ready to hire the best talents in the field. If you are looking to shine in the data science career, read more to know about the right data science companies for you.

Data Science Companies – The Right Company for you

To progress in your career path, it is necessary to understand the right skills a data scientist’s job role needs. As all data science companies are keen on hiring the best talent, it is a must for budding graduates to showcase their data scientist qualifications and soft skills in their resume as a way of gaining a good first impression. The best companies in this industry are known to filter candidates rigorously to be selected for the data science jobs. 

As data science is used in almost all industries, there is a vast scope for getting a shot at proper data scientist jobs. From financial to marketing, the possibility of career transition is high as all these sectors employ data scientists to enhance and improve their business processes. If you are looking to make a career transition our blog on career transition into emerging technologies can prove helpful for you!

Choosing the Best Career Path for Data Science Jobs

With a vast number of jobs available in the data science field, selecting the right role can be a challenge. The best career advice for aspiring data scientists would be to focus on building your skills. As a fresher, the main goal for your job in data science must be more focused on learning and earning more hands-on experience. Hence, fields like finance and IT can be the best place for your data science career. 

If you are an experienced candidate, your goals would be different. Hence, the best career advice would be for you to focus on fields like capital management, healthcare, etc which tend to pay you well based on your experience. Marketing is always the best option in all scenarios as it allows all kinds of data scientists to grow equally. However, there is an option of always starting as a freelance data scientist. This allows you to choose the projects that you would like to work on hence giving you a lot of flexibility in terms of industry. 

The Top Data Science Companies Every Data Scientist Must Apply

Let’s now take a look at the list of the top data science companies every aspiring learner should apply to.

1. Oracle

Considered to be one of the best data science companies to work in, the different data science jobs available in this company can turn advantageous for freshers starting a new career. The company’s headquarters is located in Redwood City, California and has about 287 offices spread across 72 countries. Their team boasts a large number of data scientists who work together in teams to build, train and deploy data models for their customers.

Notable projects/products: With their cloud data science platform, Oracle has been capable of assisting many brands to understand their audience and improve their business decisions. Here are a few challenging projects:

  • Developing a data-driven system for NHS to improve patient care and data security in the U.K.
  • Provide a flexible data-based system for DX Marketing to understand the perfect audience for your marketing campaigns and help you set a multi-channel marketing pipeline.
  • Analyse and investigate transactions for paysafe to provide a secure and safe payment channel for their customers.

Salary Range for data scientists: ₹16,00,000 – ₹27,00,000 per annum

Skills you need to focus on: The firm’s expertise lies with projects in data science applications and data visualisation, hence it is important for you to have expertise over all the concepts of data science and data visualisation. If you are strong in these skills along with a good understanding and programming languages such as Python and Java, your interview will be easy and smooth.

Where can you apply: You can directly apply through their career portal

2. JP Morgan

If you are interested in how data science has been helping the finance sector, then JP Morgan is the company for you. Being one of the most well-reputed companies in the world, JP Morgan is known for its innovative data-driven solutions that have helped financial organisations resolve critical issues and improve user experience. 

Notable projects/products: While famous for employing data science in projects that build better functionality in the financial sector, the company has worked on many other projects

  • Transaction control optimisation for immortals gaming club and infinite E-sports & Entertainment in the E-sports industry.
  • Developing a comprehensive investor outreach program for Chicago’s Field Museum.

Salary Range for data scientists: ₹5,00,000 – ₹7,00,000 per annum

Skills you need to focus on: The basics of data science, data models and understanding of data operations is a must. As the majority of their projects involve a lot of data research and optimisation techniques, you need to be work on these skills before applying here.

Where can you apply: JP Morgan’s career portal provides a step-by-step guide to apply for a role.

3. Fractal Analytics

Considered to be India’s second largest firm for budding data scientists, Fractal AI has built its foundation in the industry. Noteworthy products and projects in the various sectors such as healthcare, business analytics and decision-making. Fractal Analysis has employed its resources to work at top-notch projects. 

Notable Projects/ Products: With expertise in deep learning they have worked on notable projects which involve their key products such as 

  • Qure.AI in healthcare – Deep learning method to identify and localise abnormalities on X-rays, MRI and CT scans

  • Trial Run – For conducting a business experiment to scale experimentation efficiently and affordably
  • Eugenie.AI and Cuddle.AI – detecting the right data for developing critical insights for businesses

Salary Range for data scientists: ₹8,00,000 – ₹18,00,000 per annum

Skills you need to focus on: With a vast number of data scientists under their wing, they have ventured into analysis of all sorts i.e. text, image and even videos. Along with this, they have also worked on a huge chunk of forecasting projects too. Focusing on forecasting and data analysis would help you land a job here.

Where can you apply: Their career portal helps you apply for the machine learning jobs with ease.

4. Crayon Data

One of the data science giants of the south, this company is the team behind Maya, their flagship product. With their clientele spread in more than 7 different countries, this company is good for people with good experience as it mainly focuses on building custom-made solutions for its diverse pool of customers. 

Notable projects/products: Crayon Data has developed two products which have been able to help various companies work more efficiently with a targeted data approach.

  • With Maya, they have undertaken numerous projects that involves deep analysis of customer profiles to identifying key risk areas.
  • Their Yoda is considered to be an indispensable personal sales assistant. It identifies the right prospects and personalises the sale journey for enterprises.

Salary Range for data scientists: ₹10,00,000 – ₹13,00,000 per annum 

Skills you need to focus on: Big data and big-data operations are two of the most necessary prerequisite. Make sure to brush your skills in Big Data. If these skills are your forte, Crayon Data serves the purpose of an incredible kickstart for your data science career.

Where can you apply: Apply at Crayon Data’s career portal to start your career in their firm.

5. Amazon

This e-commerce giant has been very interested in hiring more data scientists in the company in the recent decade. With its headquarters located in Seattle, the firm has about 218 offices across 35 countries. Considered to be one of the most desired places to work by the millennials, it provides various opportunities to explore large data-driven projects. 

Notable projects/products: Amazon has deployed data science and artificial intelligence for improving its platform in various ways such as:

  • Analysing customer data for their product recommendation engine 
  • Buiding  data-driven dynamic pricing algorithm 
  • Developing methods for Alexa to understand and analyse data in a better way

Salary Range for data scientists: ₹5,00,000 – ₹30,00,000 per annum 

Skills you need to focus on: Along with having a strong command over the English language, if you have an expertise in big data solutions like Hadoop and other Business Intelligence Tools like Cognos, BOBj etc you will be able to land a job here. You also need to possess a vast understanding of programming languages like Java, PHP, Python etc and have great analytical skills.

Where can you apply: Their career portal serves as the best place for you to apply for any role you wish.

By choosing the best among the various data science companies you can kick-start your career. However, you should focus on learning and finding various methods to improve yourself to achieve success in your dream career. You can also refer to data science courses to develop your skills and take your career forward. Wondering how you can do it? Here is your answer. Springboard’s data science career program is a 1:1 mentoring-led, project-based online course that will help you prepare yourself for a meaningful and successful data scientist jobs. Check out our website to know more about it. And did we mention that the career track offers a job guarantee? Apply Now!