If you are asking yourself why a job in AI could be a good career option, open any website and go through it. Many parts of a website are modified, enhanced and created for good customer experience through AI. Apart from digital, industries like marketing, IT, and even the healthcare and defence industry, all fields employ artificial intelligence. Hence, this field has enormous scope and several types of artificial intelligence companies in different kinds of industries that you could look into. 

Which Artificial Intelligence Companies are Right for you? 

Here are some factors you should look for in a job to be at the right place in your artificial intelligence career. Depending on your qualifications and experience you can apply for: 

  1. Entry-level job: For this, you should have a bachelor’s degree and some hands-on internship experience. You should look for artificial intelligence jobs that can give you experience in different areas or the industry you want to specialise in. Learning is the first step of growth. To land a good first job, you can take-up online courses or invest your time in creating personal projects to improve your CV. Refer to this blog for insights into the salary range in an AI job and how to score a good one!   
  2. Mid-level job: This level would allow you to focus on more character building and skill-utilising roles than an entry-level one. You might also be asked to oversee a team and contribute to the decision making process. You should look for a company where you can face dynamic challenges and develop leadership qualities. 
  3. Senior-level jobs: Artificial intelligence jobs at senior levels require you to complete a master’s degree and more than 5 years of experience in the field. You must be extremely skilled, have excellent soft skills, and be ready to take on decisions that affect your company and your career, with precision. You should look for an organisation that would value and respect you and allow you to take risks. Also, you should be able to deliver results. 

STEM fields lack women representation in the workplace. Most girls are not made aware of the lucrative career path they can pursue in science and technology. If you are a woman interested in making a career in STEM fields, this article on the opportunities for women in AI and ML can give you the right career advice.  

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies you Should Apply to  

Some Artificial intelligence companies are changing the world with their work. If you are qualified to take on such tough but rewarding roles, these companies are right for your artificial intelligence career: 

1. Accenture

This company is one of the top consultancies and IT service providers, globally. Being repeatedly mentioned in the Forbes top 50, Accenture provides opportunities for a good artificial intelligence career for freshers and experienced professionals.

Notable projects/ products: 

  • Accenture has contributed to projects like cloud optimisation for Sun Chemical, developing video tech solutions for a client, and many other digitisation-driven projects. 
  • It is currently in the run for creating clean energy too, which will be achieved by decarbonising energy generation systems. 

Salary range: ₹3,00,000- ₹26,00,00 per annum 

Skills you need to focus on: They mainly focus on your soft skills and send a personalised test based on your resume and experience. 

Where to apply: You can send an application on their careers page or portals like LinkedIn and Glassdoor.  

2. Apple  

The company is popularly known for its developments in mobile phone and mobile devices technology. It’s a brand that symbolises innovation as it has created revolutions in mobile devices technology and aided in the global digital revolution.  

Notable projects/ products: Apple has greatly contributed to AI systems like machine hearing, speech recognition, natural language translation, and app development.

Salary range: ₹11,50,00 – ₹12,00,000 per annum

Skills you need to focus on: Analytics system developments and experience development skills. 

Where to apply: Apply and get more details on their careers page.  

3. Bosch

Bosch is one of the world’s leading engineering companies and holds the same reputation in India as well. Its range of products includes consumer goods, mobility hardware and software, industrial technology and building technology. 

Notable projects: 

  • Check Dams project in India and carrying out studies on reverse osmosis. 
  • Several international projects on infrastructural and industrial development like planning and construction of smart cities. 

Salary range: ₹6, 50, 000 – ₹7, 00, 000 (approx.) per annum

Skills you need to focus on: Knowledge about the business and understanding of economics is necessary apart from the data analytics skills.

Where to apply: You can apply on their careers page or send an inquiry about the same if your desired job role is not listed there.  

4. Google

Google.ai, the artificial intelligence division of the tech giant is renowned for its efforts to make technology accessible throughout the globe. Starting your artificial intelligence career with google can open up an array of opportunities. 

Notable projects/ products: You can access their open machine learning library called TensorFlow to know the level of work done at this organisation. Some of their clients like Airbnb are using TensorFlow to improve their guest experience, while Coca Cola used it to enhance their purchase tracking. Google.ai has also partnered with Intel to optimise TensorFlow’s internal functioning. 

Salary range: ₹2, 50, 000 – ₹10, 00, 000 (approx.) per annum 

Skills you need to focus on: At google your overall knowledge of AI, ML, and STEM expertise is tested along with soft skills like working under pressure and in dynamic situations.  

Where to apply: Send an inquiry on their e-mail or connect with them on LinkedIn and other job portals. 

5. Niki.ai

The company, backed by Ratan Tata himself, is a promising platform for the digital revolution that is going to happen in India. Niki is an AI-powered chatbot that can predict and respond to vernacular languages, and currently is integrated into several android and IOS apps, and platforms like Facebook. 

Notable projects/ products: The company’s innovative AI is helping people access the internet through vernacular languages and is working towards getting a billion users who are not skilled in English, to start their online journey.

Salary range: ₹6, 50,000 – ₹10, 00,000 (apporx.) per annum 

Skills you need to focus on: Their interview process varies from person to person where their expertise and personality are texted. 

Where to apply: Explore their careers page to find out what suits you best. 

As you know there are many artificial intelligence companies in India and around the globe where you can pursue a good AI career. When you are not experienced enough, the best way of getting your dream job is to up-skill. And what better time than a lockdown to learn new things! Visit Springboard’s exciting course in  Data AnalyticsData ScienceArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and UI/UX design that come with a 1:1 mentoring-led, project-driven approach along with career services and a job guarantee. All courses are designed to help you succeed and take the next step towards your dream career!