We currently live in a world that is entirely dependent on Data. Everything from sports to healthcare is now driven by data. And this is done with the help of Data Science. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses the use of scientific methods, algorithms and systems to scour and extract insights from the data acquired. Data scientists, who derive conclusions from the huge dataset filled with structured and unstructured data. Therefore, data science has become a career filled with heavy competition. It is imperative for you to brush up on all the necessary skills as every position in this field attracts a lot of skilled talent. And, soft skills are one of the most important data scientist skills that will help you have an edge!

Data Scientist Skills – Understanding the Need for Soft Skills for Data Science

Before we get to know why it is important, let’s understand what are soft skills? Soft skills can be termed as personality traits and behaviour aspects. Similar to core data scientist skills such as programming or statistics, mastering soft skills also leave a huge impression on your interviewers, thus, helping you in your career transition as well. In any kind of organisation, the success and productivity of the teams are not only dependent on their knowledge or technical proficiency, but also the soft skills of every team member. Data scientists are responsible for building complex algorithms that extract large amounts of information to answer and add a unique angle to the decision-making process. Therefore, soft skills are one of the most crucial data scientist skills. Polishing your soft skills is the most crucial career advice that can be given to aspiring data science learners who are looking for a career transition into a data scientist role. Read our blog on cracking a data science interview to learn a few tips that can help you in the interview process.

Soft Skills Every Data Scientist Must Master

The mere mention of soft skills in your resume is known to pique the interest of the employer. Therefore, having proper command over these will increase your chances of getting your dream job or even improve your current chances of an appraisal. Here is a list of soft skills for your resume that you need to focus on: 

1. Communication – As data scientists are required to work on many scientific, analytic and technical facets, the need for communicating their findings to stakeholders with ease becomes a necessity. To explain the value of the insights derived, a data scientist needs to be capable of effectively conveying them to both the technical and non-technical audiences. The art of communicating helps in translating all the information such as data models, flowchart, etc to your team. Data scientists also need to dive deep into the problem as it helps them in the process of finding the right solution. To do so, they need perfect the art of asking the right questions as it can help in formulating better answers. This helps to communicate your ideas and thoughts to their teammates in a simple yet effective way. This is the reason why communication is always an important addition to the data scientist skills.

2. Business Acumen – Data scientists come in contact with a wide range of sources and a massive amount of knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the knack of translating tremendous information accurately. This comes with the understanding of the business as it helps in identifying what to translate and what to let go to aid in the decision-making process. Along with this, communication helps in voicing out your inquisitive nature to your respective team members. This adds as an encouraging force for everyone to try to find solutions for the challenges you encounter. 

3. Storytelling – The role of a data scientist requires you to convey all your results in a coherent and understandable fashion. Storytelling aids in this process as it helps in simplifying data visualisation to such an extent that it allows the stakeholders to see them from a different perspective. This ability to explain the results by weaving a story gives a better clarity for the decision-makers who will be listening to your solutions.

4. Adaptability –While the innovations in technology continue to climb at a very rapid pace, the need for data scientists to quickly adapt to them is a must. To excel in your data science career, you must learn to stay on your toes and respond to various new tools that are introduced to remain at the top of your game. Along with communication, adaptability is one of the most suited soft skills for your resume.

5. Product understanding – As a data scientist, you need to understand that designing models aren’t everything. To improve product output, it is important for you to offer actionable insights. Therefore, every data scientist must gain a complete understanding of the product or service to accelerate the ways to tackle the problems. This skill not only helps in enhancing the features further but also helps in identifying overlooked insights and thoughts that can accentuate the skill of storytelling.

By learning these above-mentioned soft skills, you can pave your way to success in the data science career. Effective use of these soft skills for resume building can improve your chances of getting your dream job.

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