In the past few decades, we have witnessed a sudden spike in data dependency. From optimising search engines to improving the process in the healthcare sector, data is used everywhere. Without a proper ability to analyse and draw results from these huge volumes of data, everything would just be useless. Here is where machine learning comes into the picture. Machine Learning is undoubtedly one of the most innovative, influential and powerful technologies at our disposal. It is as a tool which is capable of turning information into knowledge with ease. This is done by machine learning engineers, who provide machines with the ability to automatically learn and improve based on experience. As the demand for engineers continues to grow, the competition in the machine learning career also continues to rise. To compete with a lot of skilled talent, it is necessary to work on all the necessary machine learning skills. And soft skills are one of the most important machine learning skills you need to focus on!

Machine Learning Skills: Why are Soft Skills Necessary?

A machine learning engineer’s role is usually associated with programming, data analysis and other technical skills. However, along with these necessary hard skills, everyone needs to focus on one of the most important machine learning skills, i.e. soft skills.  Soft skills are the personality or behaviour attributes that you possess. Mastering soft skills will help you leave a huge impression on your employers, thereby helping you progress in your career path as a machine learning engineer. In every organisation, the productivity and progress can be measured by three main factors, i.e. technical proficiency, management expertise and command over soft skills. As machine learning engineers are responsible for designing and developing algorithms that solve a wide variety of problems, having a command over these soft skills will play a huge role in their career. Along with this, soft skills are crucial for people who are looking for a career transition into machine learning role. If you are interested in making a transition into machine learning, read about the do’s and don’ts for building a successful machine learning career in our blog.

Soft Skills A Machine Learning Engineer Needs to Master

Now that you have understood the importance of soft skills, here are a few examples of soft skills for your resume that can help you get your dream job as a machine learning engineer or boost your chances of an appraisal

Conflict resolution – From talking about simple ideas to explaining machine learning concepts to your entire team, there are numerous possibilities of disagreement. As every team comprises a mix of individuals from different educational and personal backgrounds, their views and opinions, are different too. Therefore, in scenarios where there are high probabilities of conflicting ideas or strategies, there is a necessity for a way to facilitate the disagreement. This is where your skills as an effective communicator come in handy in the process of conflict resolution. This is where your skills like empathy, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving must be used as they help in providing the right method for mediation. 

Time Management – As a machine learning engineer, you are bound to work on a lot of different kinds of tasks in an organisation such as researching for new techniques, planning your project etc. In such scenarios, you must possess the ability to prioritise and assign the right amount of time and effort for the completion of each task. Therefore, time management is one of the key soft skills you need to possess. With successful time management, you will be capable of increasing your productivity and efficiency of task completion as well. 

Teamwork – Machine learning teams are usually the centre of many projects and AI initiatives in an organisation. Hence, you as a machine learning engineer are required to operate with cross-functional teams on multiple occasions. For instance, you might need to communicate with product designers, managers, testers and software developers to aid you in various processes of your project. In this situation, effective teamwork allows you to create a supportive work environment for all the teams to work together. This results in an efficient working process and helps to achieve milestones easily. Teamwork, when used with effective communication shapes you as a better machine learning engineer in your career path. 

Leadership – Leadership is one of the most important traits that you need to develop, regardless of what level you are in your career. As mentioned above, you will come across many scenarios where you would have to deal with other teams. During such engagements, it is necessary for you to be able to inspire, motivate and lead a group of individuals towards a certain goal. By being a leader, you start to understand the ‘why’ behind various business decisions which later allows you to identify possibilities outside your usual perspective. 

Work ethic – The nature of work in the field of machine learning requires a high amount of dedication, both in academic and practical aspects of the job. Due to this very reason, machine learning engineers tend to be more hardworking. Along with this quality, you need to possess an impeccable work ethic as well. Being punctual and focused adds to your level of dedication and productivity in the organisation. You also need to maintain a proper work-life balance and encourage your teammates to do so as well. These qualities act as a clear reflection of your disciplined and hardworking personality.

These soft skills play a crucial part in your machine learning career therefore it is necessary for you to cultivate these. Effective use of these soft skills for resume building can improve your chances of getting your dream job. Now that you have learnt about some of the key machine learning skills, it’s time to use them for building your career path. If you are wondering about how you can do it? Here is your answer. Springboard’s machine learning career program is a 1:1 mentoring-led, project-based online course that will help you prepare yourself for a meaningful and successful career in future technologies. Check out our website to know more about it.