Virtually every major company and consulting firm today on the earth, has realized the importance of data in decision making. Almost all major companies have started dedicating resources and deploying teams to embed data analytics across their supply chain to make data-driven decisions. This end-to-end application or use of data is creating huge demand for data analyst jobs. That is why, data analytics job scenario is favorable for both young degree holders and the experienced professionals. Opportunities for data analyst jobs cut across various industries covering all three major sectors of the economy – agriculture, manufacturing and services. And above all, data analyst salary has become more attractive than many engineering jobs.  

IBM, which has operations in over 170 countries has predicted that in USA alone, the number of data analyst jobs will increase to 2,720,000 by 2020. The scenario is the same in India too. According to Bain & Co, by 2020, close to 210,000 data analyst would be working in the country which is more than double of 2018 (65,000). Unlike any other job stream, the supply for Data Analytics professionals is lesser than the demand. This means that; many companies are looking to hire data analytics specialists and this will only increase. Another interesting trend in data jobs is that companies are willing to pay a premium for skilled professionals to help them in decision making and strategic thinking. 

Let’s now understand what is the skillset required for getting data analyst jobs and the top jobs for data analysts today. 

Key Skills for Data Analyst Jobs

Unlike any other job, where one has the opportunity to learn a skill post joining the workplace, things are bit different in data analytics. A data analyst needs to have some fundamental and foundational skills. So, it’s important that one masters the below skills before starting a career as a data analyst. These are the top skills and tools to master:

  • Python: The most commonly used and simple programming languages. Any data analyst irrespective of their job position or industry should be aware of Python. Furthermore, having a strong/solid understating of Python would give one an upper hand in AI/ML jobs. 
  • Structured Query Language: Like Python, SQL is also a simple programming language used in data science which is majorly required for entry level jobs. Experience in SQL is valued by organizations because SQL skill can help data analysts to navigate and wrangle data.
  • Data Visualization Skills: The important skill for any data analyst is on how to visualize, use and communicate information from the available data sets. In a way, a data analyst is an interpreter to other people in business who don’t understand or appreciate data.  Any data analyst job seeker, who has a good data visualization and communication skill has the possibility to grow bigger in any industry. 
  • Data Wrangling: A data analyst should know the skill of cleaning large data set. For instance it is the technique to remove duplicate or corrupt data and deleting/correcting them. 

once you have acquired the skills mentioned above, you can further strengthen your skills with Springboard India’s data analyst online learning program. Post acquiring the required skillsets for data analyst jobs, the question that comes to everyone mind is which are the key job profiles they can make their career in. The below section will answer this question for you. 

Top Data Analyst Jobs

Here are a few amazing positions for data analyst professionals which are worth looking into – these job positions offer the best data analyst salaries with potential to grow in the AI/ML stream. 

  • Operations Analyst: A data operations analyst plays a key role in large businesses which use data on a daily basis for internal reporting or for future business use or insights. As an operations analyst, you would work on reporting systems, dashboard entry and general streamlining of operations across the supply chain. This kind of job requires technical knowledge and business sense. Operational analyst salary varies based on business and applied knowledge the professional possesses.
    Job Description:  The role requires to understand business models/operations to identify defects, conduct research, develop procedures and recommend suggestions and changes.

    Skills Required:   Python, structured   query language, knowledge of data visualization, multitasking and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Quantitative Analyst: This is a most sought after data analyst jobs role which plays a major role in financial companies of all sizes. The key job role of a quantitative analyst is to work on risk management problems and look for opportunities for potential investment, making this an in-demand job role. Trends suggest that in most cases a quantitative data analyst, after few years of experience, start their own venture to predict stock markets or exchange rates. 

    Job Description: The role requires professionals to work with trading protocols, tools and financial professionals to bring in efficiency in the business.

    Skills Required:  Analytical models, financial modelling, data modelling and Python.
  • Data Analytics Consultant: A data analytics consultant would be working for many companies at a time and focussing on projects with clear timelines and end goals. These jobs are best suited for professionals who don’t want to work on a particular role for a long time and the ones who prefer working on their own.  Analytics consultants earn a good salary and work remotely, another tempting factor about this job to consider.

    Job Description: The role requires professionals to work with data and implement analytics tools or solutions to create consumer pull and increase sales and revenue.

    Skills Required: SAS, R, SQL, Microsoft excel and data analysis.
  • Healthcare Data Analyst: Today, the healthcare industry generates huge amount of data which needs to be processed and provided to doctors or experts for taking informed decision to improve quality of life for people. With increasing popularity of wearables like smart watches and the use of apps, data being generated needs to be actioned. So, healthcare data analysts who can support doctors and researchers are in massive demand. 

    Job Description: The role requires data analysts to focus on conducting data analyses and formulating new models in health sector by supporting day to day business.

    Skills Required:  SAS, R, SQL, data analysis and Microsoft excel.

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