Have you heard people talking about data analytics a lot lately? Have you heard them say that the opportunities in data analytics are tremendous? Well, the scope is enormous, and that is why more millennials are pursuing it as a career.

In India, the data analytics industry is at the forefront of unlocking the career path of many data analytics enthusiasts. The recruitment for data analysts has become a competitive phenomenon, and organizations are vying to hire the best talent. Every company is making great strides to keep ahead of the competition by giving their data analysts a lucrative career. 

Data analysts are witnessing a magnificent time, and they should make the most out of it. However, the aspiring data analysts have a barrage of questions, especially when it comes to the salary aspect of their newly chosen path.

“How much can I earn as a data analyst in India?”

“What will be my income as a senior data analyst?”

First, the aspirants need to comprehend a multitude of factors that impacts the remuneration of the demanding job. There are several key factors influencing the salary of a data analyst such as geography, their experience level, the industry they work for, and knowledge of different tools that help in driving an organization forward.

Based on our research at Springboard, we have listed a few of the factors that determine the salary of a data analyst. We have referred to various sources such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and PayScale to aggregate the approximate figures for you. This is a simple guide breaking down the salary trends for a data analyst in India. 

However, the salary received by data analysts may vary depending on several other determinants.

Let’s find out the salary trends in data analytics in India based on different factors:S

Salary Depending upon Geographies

Source: Glassdoor

The job location of a data analyst plays a significant role when it comes to earning a high-paying salary from a particular data analytics project. Metropolitans such as Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai have developing industries and provide a competitive edge to the data analysts working in those cities.  

The salary earned by data analysts differs from place to place. The pay difference in cities depends on several aspects such as standard of living, opportunities in a particular field, the budget of the employer, and much more. We’ve listed different cities in India depending on the pay difference by geographies:

Source: PayScale

The best option for a lucrative data analytics job is Bengaluru, with umpteen opportunities. Needless to say, it is the Silicon Valley of India as most of the renowned organizations like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and a multitude of data analytics start-ups are thriving in the city.

Source: Glassdoor

Salary Based on Different Skills

What skills do you have? If you have expertise in SQL, Statistical Analysis, and Data Analysis, then you definitely stand out in the crowd and can expect an above-average pay. If you have experience with tools like Database Management & Reporting and Microsoft Excel, then you might be paid less than the market rate.

Based on our research, we have listed the popular skills:

Source: PayScale

Salary by Industry

Are you working in the right industry? The industry has a significant role to play here. The sector you opt to work for can determine your wage as a data analyst in multiple ways. Every industry has unique challenges to overcome, and therefore, the pay for data analysts also varies. 

You can choose to work for an industry you incline toward; do not restrict yourself by engaging in an industry where you fail to make the optimum use of your data analytics skills. A few of the sectors that pay the highest salaries to data analysts are Media & Communications, Consumer Goods, Banking and Finance, Corporate Services, and Energy & Mining. 

Salary by Experience

Source: PayScale

For an entry-level data analyst who has less than 1 year of work experience, the average total pay is around Rs 315,117. Someone who has experience of 1-4 years as a data analyst can expect an average total compensation of Rs 397,849. A data analyst with 5-9 years of experience can earn an average pay of Rs 609,737 while a data analyst with 10-19 years of experience can expect an average total compensation of Rs 900,000.

Source: PayScale

The responsibility of a senior data analyst is to collect data, organize it, and then analyze that data to make strategic decisions. A senior data analyst may work for various organizations, mostly in the finance and marketing sector. At a senior-level, the role of a data analyst is to lead a team and work in collaboration with other departments of an organization.

A senior data analyst with less than 1 year of experience can earn an average pay of Rs 512,043. Senior data analysts who have experience of 1-4 years can receive an average total compensation of Rs 589,136. Data analysts with experience of 5-9 years can pocket an average total of Rs 801,538, whereas somebody with an experience of 10-19 years in the domain can draw an average total compensation of Rs 987,217.

Salary Based on Employer

Not every company will pay you more. However, some multinational companies offer a handsome remuneration. We have listed some top tech organizations offering the minimum, average, and highest data analyst salary:

Source: LinkedIn

Summarizing it All Up

To pursue a rewarding career in data analytics, an aspirant needs to put in tremendous effort in learning and perfecting his skills in the data analytics domain.  However, if you are planning to take the first step and learn data analytics, we hope this article has shed some light on the scope of data analytics to get you started.

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