The 21st Century has been a boon for data related careers. Right from data collection and research to artificial intelligence and neural networks, we have seen a spike in all the fields. But data analytics stands out. In this blog post, we will understand why online courses for data analytics are right for you!

If you are reading this blog, then you have already considered a career in the field of data analytics, and you have chosen to ace in the field that can impact the decision making of leaders. Yes, data driven decisions are all what leaders focus towards. Decisions are not based on intuition, be it the strategy of an FMCG to expand, or the pricing of an item you purchase regularly. All of these are determined by understanding large volumes of information before coming to a final number. We are sure you understand the intensity behind each of these examples, which is why a career in this field is right for you. And you should be looking at online courses for data analytics to build a lucrative career in this challenging field. Before you start wondering, a career in data analytics can be very fruitful, especially if it is big data analytics where information processing is high, and the impact is much higher. 

Online Courses for Data Analytics

Online Courses for Data Analytics: So Many Yet Only Few

The demand in the data analytics sector is plentiful, salaries are high, and the career paths you can take are abundant. Data analytics offers a wide variety of opportunities across industries and corporate levels and just because of all these reasons, it has become the field to transition into. And worry not, it’s not difficult at all. Just like numbers transform into decisions using data analytics, the same way, you can transition into a career in data analytics with just a little push and support. And with the world going online to learn everything from cooking to building a computer, online courses for data analytics are the way to go! 

Online Courses for Data Analytics

Online courses for data analytics are available in abundance, and this can become very confusing and overwhelming for someone to start learning. A guided curriculum with the right mentorship to nudge is what you should be looking at. With so much available online to learn, you are bound to get lost. Do ensure you choose the course that helps you out with placements as well, after all, referrals are the best way to jump up in your career. At Springboard’s Data Analytics Career Track Program, we meet all these requirements and more. Our learners practice on real-life datasets that analysts in various companies would be solving, and this gives them an upper edge in their careers. 

Big Data Analytics

Did you know, IBM projected that demand for data and analytics professionals will increase by 3.64 thousand to 2.72 million openings? This is for all the roles that require data and analytics skills. And within analytics, the rise of big data has been one of those tech trends which has constantly elevated in terms of growth and evolution. Perhaps after cloud, big data has been the single largest influencer for organizations across diverse sectors in terms of decision making and is identified as a propeller of growth. Every company wants to get on board with making data-driven decisions, and this has resulted in the big data market witnessing a whopping market share of over $50 billion! 

Learning big data analytics has never been so fruitful. Not only will it give you a career in data analytics, but you will be one of the unique sets of people who will know and use these technologies! Don’t you consider anything but online courses for data analytics, and start your journey now with Springboard.

Career in Data Analytics

You can switch to a career in this field even if you don’t come from mathematics or coding background. A career in data analytics can be established by learning a combination of skills – hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills are coding and mathematics-related knowledge that you need to gain expertise in, in order to land one of the many data analytics jobs

Subject matter expertise, data and technical skills, probability and statistics, are those skills that other job roles may or may not need, but a data analytics professional will need. Online courses for data analytics can help you learn in a structured manner. The soft skills constitute problem-solving ability, child-like curiosity, and communication skills to present your story. While a lot of jobs will need these skills, once they combine with the mathematical hard skills, they form a brilliant data analytics professional. 


Learning a combination of hard and soft skills is possible in online courses for data analytics, and this can help you with data analytics jobs. 

Data Analytics Jobs

Finding a data analytics job isn’t tough. All companies around us are making decisions with the help of data, and they need professionals who can work on structured and unstructured pieces of information that are stored in databases. In fact, unstructured data is growing rapidly due to the increase in machine-generated data and machine learning initiatives. We at Springboard offer online courses for data analytics, and a monetary incentive for students to join in the support we provide for data analytics jobs. 

Additionally, our curriculum covers all the hard and soft skills that are necessary for a data analytics professional to excel in their career and make the transition they need. Right from the tools that you need, to questions that you will be asked in the interview, we got it all covered for you! What are you waiting for? Reach out now, and see your future unfolding onto a data-filled exciting path.