Since the advent of machine learning, there have been revolutionary changes in many facets of everyday life. Many aspirants are moving towards getting machine learning certification. Not only computers are substituting manual labour, but they have also begun to replace much of the brain work too as they have an iterative approach, and are now equipped to learn how to learn.

With machine learning now considered to be a skill of the future, there are a multitude of machine learning courses that are being offered online. The right machine learning certification can help you kickstart your machine learning career that can reward you with a fruitful upward career trajectory. Springboard is offering you machine learning courses that will help you land your dream machine learning job. It’s time to work for the future!

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Why Choosing a Machine Learning Certification is a Wise Career Path

Before we start discussing the importance of opting for a machine learning certification, let’s first understand what is machine learning in detail.

What is Machine Learning? 

An application of artificial intelligence, machine learning helps systems learn and improve from experience independently without having to rely on direct manual programming.  Computer programs access data, observe, look for patterns, fit that data into models, and apply the knowledge gained from it to make future predictions and decisions, generalising to future scenarios. 

There are different types of machine learning depending on the nature of the learning style namely,

  1. Supervised machine learning: The system is provided with labelled data or examples which is matched to the desired output. From this, the machine learns to label future data.
  1. Unsupervised machine learning: Here, there is unlabelled data, which is then grouped into clusters according to commonalities the system finds on its own.
  1. Reinforcement machine learning: The system applies the best possible course of action to maximize a reward and learns from mistakes. Decisions are made sequentially based on the previous input. 

Why Choose Machine Learning Certification? 

1. Regulation of Digital Data 

In today’s world, data is equivalent to power. The successful digital transformation of data processing has gained worldwide approval. A machine learning career will open your eyes to how machine learning is able to store and meaningfully extract relevant digital data from an ocean of data. The more data there is to analyse, the more sharp the model or algorithm will be. It also helps prevent inaccurate entries and duplicates, which is the most common error due to manual entry, by cross-checking the same with a lower processing time.

2. For Effective marketing 

Machine learning certification teaches you the skills needed to improve marketing strategy using the system. With the help of machine learning, marketers monitor consumer patterns in behaviour by observing emails opened, websites visited, clicks, and downloads. Systems will be able to help with making real-time decisions. With the data, it can make accurate predictions about sales. As it can access tremendous amounts of data, it can help rewire your existing marketing strategies depending on past customer interactions and behaviour patterns. By generalising, future sound predictions will be made, including customer turnover. For customers, it can aid them in finding their desired product from hundreds of other products in a matter of seconds. On the online portal, it can aid in providing accurate recommendations to customers based on the target audience. It also helps in sentiment analysis by classifying an email or message communication as negative or positive and then notifying the marketers to negative content so that they can immediately attend to the issue raised.

3. Advancement of cyber security 

A course in machine learning certification helps to gain the competency needed to develop machine learning algorithms that can improve cybersecurity. Real-time anomalies are identified to automatically enable measures to tackle them before there is full-blown damage done. Accessing previous data helps to continuously improve itself, thereby enhancing cybersecurity at each stage.

4. Faster computing power 

Machine learning systems have super fast computing power, generating results in a matter of seconds. For example, in a self driving car, it helps by lightning fast decisions on the road based on the road conditions which are constantly changing by accessing real-time sensory and visual data. In medical setups, doctors are able to arrive at their diagnosis quicker and more accurately as they can use machine learning systems to go through copious amounts of data much faster than humans can. It also promises to enhance shipping speed and reduce shipping costs in the logistics and distribution industry. Whichever machine learning job you land, you are sure to experience and note it’s super fast commuting power while at it.

5. Customer retention

Machine learning can be used to identify customers who are at a high risk of leaving by tracking their past behaviors, transactions, and complaints raised. This enables the machines to automatically implement personalised plans to those select customers.

6. Hiring process

The most frustrating part for recruiters during their hiring process is when they have to shortlist candidates from a pool of resumes. Machine learning algorithms will help in this process by automatically flagging resumes with undesirable content and highlighting those with positive content. This also helps to eliminate any bias in any form.

7. Increased customer efficiency

For instance, Amazon Go has already made this possible. By using the app,  shopping for groceries has become much more efficient when buying from associated stores. By opening the app and scanning the QR code when entering the store, all the customer needs to do is pick out their items and leave the store when their shopping is complete. Amazon app automatically charges the price of the items they pick up to their Amazon accounts.

With the help of the right machine learning course, you can learn to develop similar machine learning models to suit your particular company needs.

8. Virtual personal assistant

Siri, Alexa, Bixby and Google are classic examples of virtual personal assistants that can provide us with the information we asked for by the use of a voice command. Machine learning collects and reviews the information based on the questions asked previously. Based on this, answers to queries are given that are shaped according to our preferences. Machine learning courses provide you with the skills and abilities needed to learn how to develop such algorithms.

9. Better career opportunities, higher salaries, and growth

With almost all industries beginning to apply machine learning in their operations, opting for a machine learning certification will open the door for candidates for more career opportunities and also higher salaries. As machine learning is the backbone of many businesses now, companies are looking to hire extremely skilled candidates who can produce cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

10. Machine learning is at the core of Data Science

It is a must that data scientists have an in-depth understanding of machine learning to make accurate estimations and predictions. Acquiring knowledge about machine learning will help to enhance productivity.

11. Increasing demand and lack of supply

Technological advancements are happening at the blink of an eye and lots of organizations are struggling to keep up with their competitors. Companies are experiencing a dearth of machine learning professionals. Now is the time to get moving to be skilled in the field.

Advantages of ML

Machine learning offers various benefits to businesses. It has applications in various domains. For example,  

  1. In the medical industry for establishing admission rates and identifying the trends of a particular illness, to assess a patient’s health and progress in real-time through wearable sensory devices.
  2. In the finance sector to expedite exception handling, to prevent fraud, and to help with making intelligent investment decisions.
  3. In the insurance industry to control fraudulent claims and predicting the types of coverage and much more.
  4. In the oil and gas industry, by helping to identify new sources of energy, assess minerals, aid in streamlining oil distribution so that it is cost-effective.
  5. Recommending the right products based on consumer target audience by assessing previous buying patterns, thus helping to abolish random guesswork when advertising to customers. This also helps to increase overall customer satisfaction.
  6. To streamline day to day operations like scheduling meetings, responding to emails, reminders to pay bills and other such time-consuming activities which SME’s lose out greatly on.
  7. The availability of chatbots 24×7 on almost all online portals to answer common customer queries.
  8. In the agriculture industry, by providing insights into species management, crop management, field management, and livestock management with the help of Support Vector Machines and Artificial and Deep Neural Networks.
  9. In the Government sector, machine learning can be used to help officials predict possible scenarios. It can help in logistics management, manage failure rates and help to improve cyber intelligence.

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