According to a research report on the machine learning market amid COVID-19, the global machine learning industry is expected to be worth INR 543.18 Billion by the end of 2023 expanding at a CAGR of approximately 42.99%. Machine learning engineer was the fastest-growing job for 2019 and it appears that this trend will continue in the future with technological advancements. With that projection in mind, you might be thinking about how you can master machine learning skills to make a career transition. The simple answer is a ‘machine learning bootcamp’. Fortunately, there are numerous machine learning bootcamps designed to help you a head start in your machine learning career

Today, learning machine learning not necessarily means earning a Master’s degree or PhD in the field. If you talk to a machine learning practitioner in the industry, they’ll tell you that pursuing a machine learning career demands problem solving, requires creativity along with a blend of other hard skills like programming, mathematics, and statistics. A PhD or a Master’s Degree is no longer necessary.  Every day, career coaches at Springboard get asked by aspiring learners who are keen to know whether machine learning bootcamps are worth the time, effort, and money invested. Aspiring machine learning engineers ask questions like:

  • Is a machine learning bootcamp worth it?
  • Do machine learning bootcamps really prepare people to become real-world machine learning engineers?

The answer is a big YES, machine learning bootcamps help you build a solid foundation of machine learning skills, gain career mobility, and enjoy increased salary. Now since we’ve answered that for you, the next task is to help you understand –

  • What machine learning bootcamps involve?
  • What are the benefits of attending a machine learning bootcamp ?
  • Will a machine learning bootcamp get you a machine learning job in the industry?
  • How do you go about choosing an ML bootcamp that is right for you?

What is a Machine Learning Bootcamp?

Machine learning bootcamps are the new face of refreshing machine learning skills. Where many colleges and universities have failed to keep up with the demand for skilled machine learning engineers, machine learning bootcamps have risen to the challenge. Touted as a fast-track option to lucrative machine learning jobs with practical curriculum, nominal costs, flexible at-home learning options, career advice, and a job guarantee -machine learning bootcamps offer a well-rounded learning experience that will take you from a machine learning enthusiast to a qualified machine learning engineer.

A machine learning bootcamp is a condensed, intensive program that takes motivated and passionate machine learning beginners to industry-ready machine learning professionals in a few months. A machine learning bootcamp puts aspiring machine learning professionals through a comprehensive and rigorous machine learning course curriculum where they not only learn machine learning and its best practices, but also master real-life machine learning skills under the mentorship of an industry expert and also get guidance on building a stunning machine learning portfolio,  preparing a job-winning machine learning resume along with tips to prepare for a machine learning interview, and ultimately land a top gig as a machine learning engineer. The average machine learning bootcamp lasts between 3 to 6 months and the best one will offer guidance on machine learning interview preparation along with some kind of apprenticeship where you work directly with start-ups or top tech companies in the industry.

An ML bootcamp is a great way to learn machine learning skills whilst networking with a group of like-minded professionals to understand what a career in machine learning could look like in reality. Machine learning bootcamps do not replicate the depth and scope of a Master’s or a Ph.D. However, comparing an ML bootcamp to a Ph.D. is like comparing apples and oranges. Each serves a different purpose while catering to the needs of the growing machine learning industry.

Machine Learning Bootcamps – Why are They Worth it?

  • Fast-paced Learning

Be honest to yourself and answer this question – how long do you think it would take to learn all those machine learning skills on your own that are taught in a comprehensive machine learning bootcamp? Let’s say you think it would take you a little over a year if you learn on your own. You might even procrastinate learning if you do not have an organised structure or you might lose the zeal to learn without someone motivating you constantly. Compare this to 6 months of a machine learning bootcamp. The difference is the time you can save on learning. 

Then begins the hunt for a lucrative machine learning job. You know on your own it might take at least 6 months to find a new full-time/part-time or freelance machine learning gig that utilises your machine learning skills whereas the average student of a machine learning bootcamp finds a new machine learning job within 90 – 120 days of completion. Going by the machine learning bootcamp route, you can expect to enter the industry within 8 months or sooner unlike the self-taught route which would take at least an average of 18 months. Compared to a 2-year long Master’s degree or a Ph.D., bootcamps are definitely your best bet to learn machine learning as you get to master machine learning skills and apply them practically in just a few months.

  • Mentor Guidance

Self-learning and the idea of having tonnes of free machine learning resources on the internet are fantastic and could also be an optimal solution for upskilling. However, what we have found from Springboard learners is that self-learning is not for everyone. Most of the aspiring machine learning enthusiasts find it difficult to stay accountable to a timeline to learn. Some aspirants are not sure about what their strengths are and what skills they lack which they should be focusing on. Others find it difficult to move ahead when they are stuck with a machine learning problem and don’t even know where they are stuck so that they can search for the answer. At a machine learning bootcamp, between the mentors and learners, guidance is just a hand-raise away. 

Machine learning bootcamps provide the time to talk with mentors in an individualised setting through 1:1 mentoring sessions and there is no need to compete with other learners to get this attention. Sometimes when you are working on a machine learning problem, it can feel like it’s too boring and the model development is progressing too slow. Other times you might feel overwhelmed with the complexity. 1-on-1 mentorship prevents both boredom and the “being lost” issues while solving a complex machine learning problem. Mentors cater to the specific needs of the individuals and can save hundreds of hours of chasing the wrong solution to machine learning problems with trial and error.  This kind of 1-on-1 mentorship makes machine learning bootcamps much more valuable. 

  • Comprehensive and Trusted Curriculum with Structured Learning

Many aspiring learners who attempt to self-learn machine learning skills give up just after a few days as they are not sure how to proceed with further. Machine learning bootcamps offer a structured learning environment with a guided curriculum designed by industry experts so you can master machine learning skills in a defined manner. The entire curriculum for a machine learning bootcamp is designed keeping in mind the on-job machine learning skills required in the industry.

How Much Does an ML Bootcamp Cost?

Machine learning bootcamps vary in length, price, and potential. The cost of a machine learning bootcamp will vary substantially depending on various factors like – the duration of the bootcamp, the skills it covers, and the assistance offered in getting that first machine learning job. Machine learning bootcamps that take more time to complete are likely to cost more on your pocket than those that are shorter and do not offer 1:1 mentor sessions. The average cost of a machine learning bootcamp in India is somewhere between Rs. 1 – 2 lakhs which is substantially less than a Ph.D. or a Master’s program. Most machine learning bootcamps offer EMI options- directly or either through a financing company.  The cost of a machine learning bootcamp can come as a sticker shock for some but with a little practical calculation, they are definitely worth it.

Is a Machine Learning Bootcamp for You?

Answer these questions to see if you should enrol for a machine learning bootcamp –

  • Do you excel at self-learning?
  • Can you find innovative machine learning projects that incorporate all machine learning skills?
  • Are you confident enough of your problem-solving abilities?
  • Do you have the patience and will power to build a network of like-minded machine learning practitioners for networking?
  • Do you have the zeal to apply the self-learned ML skills to diverse machine learning projects and build a fantastic machine learning portfolio?

If you’ve answered NO to one or more of these questions then a machine learning bootcamp is definitely worth exploring for a successful machine learning career. Machine learning bootcamps can help you quickly get your machine learning skills up to speed and prepare you for a machine learning job on completion. 

How Do You Choose a Machine Learning Bootcamp?

Choosing an ML bootcamp is a critical career decision. With numerous machine learning bootcamps on offer, picking the right one can be a little daunting. Not all ML bootcamps are the same, each has its unique USP and offerings. Choose a machine learning bootcamp that aligns with your career goals and learning style. Consider these factors before deciding which is the right bootcamp for you –

  • Assess the quality of the ML bootcamp curriculum and make sure that it excites you for learning.
  • Look at the schedule of the bootcamp and see if it is flexible enough to fit around your full-time job.
  • Read the reviews of the machine learning bootcamps available online.
  • Have a word with the alumni of the bootcamp to get further insight on whether it’s right for you or not.
  • A good ML bootcamp should spend a couple of days guiding you on how to build a machine learning portfolio.
  • Last but not the least, the right machine learning bootcamp is one that offers in-house career guidance on resume preparation, interview preparation, networking, and comes with a job-guarantee.

If you’re really serious about investing your time, effort, and money in a machine learning bootcamp, explore Springboard’s 1:1 mentoring-led, intensive 6-month job-guarantee machine learning career track bootcamp. It is designed to give you the best possible chance of reaching your machine learning career goals. You will be ready to launch your machine learning career after 6 months as you graduate with on job machine learning skills and tools required to become a machine learning engineer

Still skeptical about the worthiness of a machine learning bootcamp and need a career coach to answer your queries on the same? Request callback from us today, reach out to us at or at +91 9071123424. Springboard will help you make a decision that’s best for you and we assure not to disappoint you.