Springboard India is excited to launch Data Analytics Career Track to help learners transition into the field of Data Analytics.

We have partnered with Microsoft for this program and is built for anyone in functional roles( Sales, Marketing, Operations, Consulting/Strategy, Finance, Project Management, Researchers and Software developers) looking to make sense of historical data to find trends and come up with recommendations/suggestions to improve business metrics.

The demand for qualified data analysts is high and increasing. But employers aren’t just looking for people with the right technical skills; the ideal job candidate needs to excel at business thinking as well.

That’s why we partnered with Microsoft to create the Data Analytics Career Track.

We offer a unique approach to an analytics curriculum. Yes, technical skills are very important, and we’ll make sure you master those: fundamental business statistics concepts; key tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL, Python, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau; advanced analysis techniques.

Springboard in partnership with Microsoft but this type of training is not enough to get you hired.

While developing this course in partnership with Microsoft, we consulted hiring managers who told us that the biggest obstacle blocking most job applicants is a lack of structured business thinking and problem-solving skills.

To set Springboard students up for success, we devoted 50% of the curriculum to this business analysis training. Through this work, designed alongside experts from McKinsey, Bain, and Wharton, you’ll develop those business thinking skills so you can break down complex problems and test them. You’ll learn to frame your analysis around a central theme and present tangible business insights to key stakeholders.

Two capstone projects will allow you to bring all of your skills together as you choose your own data set, conduct end-to-end analysis, synthesize insights in slide deck format, and share your findings. These projects will be the center of a powerful portfolio that will showcase your abilities to hiring managers.

Your Springboard experience will include multiple levels of support, starting with your student advisor and an active online community of fellow learners

What do you get as part of Data Analytics Career Track?

  • 400+ hours of content approved by Microsoft to ensure you are able to learn Data Analysis skills that can be applied on the job
  • 1:1 personal mentoring video call every week to help you with projects, accountability, industry insights, and motivation. You can read more here on how mentorship works at Springboard India
  • 1:1 career coaching with expert career coaches to help with building the perfect resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, mock interviews(behavioral + technical). The career coach helps you find the best possible job in the field of Data Analytics
  • Certificate of completion from Springboard
  • Job Guarantee(yes we do this for all the eligible applications) i.e we refund your entire tuition if you don’t get a job within 6 months of completing the course

Listen to what the Springboard experience is like below:

Who is this program for?

Data Analytics Career Track has been packaged to enable anyone across any functional role to be able to make sense of data and present insights/findings from them that in turn improves the function/department or the larger business performance.

This means that by doing this course, you will be able to apply analytics in your current job(thereby transitioning into a higher role) or get an entirely new job(job guarantee from our side).

In a nutshell, you should do this course if:

  • You are in Sales and want to transition to being a Sales Analyst
  • You are in Marketing and want to transition to being a Marketing Analyst
  • You are in operations and want to transition to being an Operation Analyst
  • You are in Consulting and want to transition to being a Strategy Analyst
  • You are in Finance and want to transition to being a Financial Analyst
  • You are in Research and want to transition to being a Research Analyst
  • You are a Software Developer and want to transition to being a Business Analyst
  • Or you are a student and want to start your career in the field of Analytics

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

Nothing as such! You need to have an analytical bend of mind and not shy away from problem-solving. You should also be willing to learn some python.

And. here’s the launch special!

We have opened the first cohort to only 20 people on a first come first serve basis. And offering 50k scholarship to women and students who qualify the admissions process by 5th August.

Apply now: http://bit.ly/332Tqyy