The future of your technology career is in technologies of the future. High-tech domains like cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have opened up tens of thousands of jobs in India such as data scientist, ML Engineer, even though there is a stark shortage of skilled resources. Take a look at some of the top job roles open today, for example:

  • Full-stack developer
  • Python developer
  • Java developer
  • DevOps engineer
  • Data scientist
  • AI/ ML engineer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Cloud engineer
  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • Information security analyst
  • IoT specialist

The complexities and maturity of future technologies, coupled with the non-availability of talent means that resources are highly valuable. So, companies are willing to pay big bucks for them. In this blog post, we’ll talk to you about the tech industry’s high-paying jobs for 2020.

Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

Defined broadly, a data scientist is someone who analyses complex digital data to derive business insights for decision-making. This could be across business verticals — marketing, sales, distribution, product development etc. — performing a wide range of roles. In fact, reports suggest that there are over 10,000 open data scientists positions open today. 

With that kind of demand comes proportionate paychecks. A data scientist salary today is 2-3 times what a regular programmer of similar experience earns. If you found a job at a captive organization — like a bank or an e-commerce firm, instead of a tech firm — the chances of negotiating a fatter paycheck are much higher.

Data scientist avg. starting salary 4.5 lakhs (as a fresher)
Median salary  10 lakhs
Top salaries 60-80 lakhs (for CDO / chief data officers)

Source: Payscale, Gadgets Now, Economic Times

Data analyst: First step to your data career

A recent study found that in 2019, nearly 100% of all large firms in telecom, e-commerce and BFSI industries have adopted analytics in some form. All of them have hired or are hiring data analysts to work on mining, cleansing, transforming and preparing data for analysis.

A data analyst job is a great launchpad for a data career, providing young professionals the opportunity to learn data science from the ground-up.

Data analyst avg. starting salary 4.5 lakhs (as a fresher)
Median salary  5.1 lakhs
Top salaries 12-17 lakhs (for experienced data analyst);  up to 24 lakhs (for analytics managers)

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed

Machine learning engineer: Shape the future with an ML career

A machine learning engineer is most often the one who puts artificial intelligence into practice; they are often the people who build the Netflix recommendation engine, or Siri’s ability to understand your voice command, or your bank’s ability to instantly identify when someone makes a fraudulent transaction on your credit card! 

There are, reports say, over 4000 machine learning engineer jobs lying vacant today, for want of qualified people, even though across data science roles an ML / AI professionals tend to be the highest paid. 

Machine learning engineer avg. starting salary 3.67 lakhs (as a fresher)
Median salary  8 lakhs
Top salaries 50 lakhs (for senior AI engineers)

Source: Glassdoor, Economic Times

DevOps engineer: Career choice to change your present

As teams move towards Agile methods of software development, engineers with relevant skill and experience are in high-demand. This reflects directly on the pay tech companies are willing to offer the new version of the erstwhile IT ops fellas!

In fact, a survey of the developer community by Stack Overflow showed that in India, a DevOps engineer earned a median salary of 10 lakhs, highest of all developer roles surveyed.

Avg. starting salary 3.57 lakhs (as a fresher DevOps engineer)
Median salary  10 lakhs
Top salaries 42 lakhs (for senior or managerial talent)

Source: Glassdoor, Payscale, Stackoverflow

Cyber security expert: Highest-paying job for the next decade

97 per cent IT managers believe that security expertise is one of the greatest issues in India. Frost and Sullivan, a business consulting firm, estimates that next year, there will be 1.5 million cyber security job openings worldwide. But, top tech companies have bounty hunting competitions for bugs and security loopholes — Tesla offered their Model 3 as prize to anyone who can hack into the car. Several companies including Google and Facebook pay security professionals regularly for identifying bugs and loopholes.

As a result of a wide skill gap, there is a sharp increase in the pay that few qualified professionals in the market can demand—cybersecurity folks command 10x the salary of an IT engineer. 

Avg. starting salary 3 lakhs (as an cyber security analyst)
Median salary  10 lakhs
Top salaries 2-4 crores (for chief infosec officer)

Source: Glassdoor, Economic Times

And this is not just for the experienced folks. Tech companies today are seeking these skillsets even among freshers and are happy to reward you for it! Take TCS, for instance. TCS is willing to pay double the normal fresher salary if you prove yourself to be a ‘hot talent’ in areas such as cyber-security, digital infrastructure, software automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and engineering. Universities, today, hardly teach any of these technologies. If you want to upskill, you’re on your own. Thankfully, you have mentor-led, project-based online learning courses to choose from!