Do numerous articles on data science talent gap make you think you could make that gap shorter by one person? Do you want to make a lateral career shift to data science? Wondering how to match your skill sets to the exciting profession of a data scientist? Or do you simply want to get deeper into the fascinating world of data science and explore how to notch up your skills to climb up the ladder? Well, whatever be your reason, there is a slew of resources for you to lookup. Blogs are the best way to get started. There are blogs for everyone and every data-driven interest. Blogs and websites put out resource articles that walk you through a self-paced data science learning curve, keep you informed about news and trends, case studies from industry leaders, share views of data practitioners, and publish free content on just about any topic of data science. As data science is an extensive domain, with different job roles and skillsets, we have arranged the blogs according to their focus areas. However, as you will find, you cannot really pigeonhole data science blogs, as most blogs cover several data science topics.

Here is a roll of some of the best blogs cherry-picked just for you!

  1. Technical – Cloudera, Dataquest, Data Robot, DatDBMS2, Fixter, Planet Python, R-Bloggers, R Studio, The Crazy Programmer, The Gradient Flow.
  2. Statistics –Simply Statistics, Stats Blog, Statistical Modelling, Causal Inference, and Social Science; Statistics How To.
  3. Data Visualisation and Data Science – Dataconomy, Data Science 101, Data Science Central, Flowing Data, Kaggle – No Free Hunch, O’Reilly Data, Smart Data Collective, Visualising Data.
  4. Big Data – Datafloq, Inside Big Data, Planet Big Data, What’s the Big Data.
  5. Company Blogs – Cartesian Consulting, Flipkart, IBM.
  6. News – Analytics India Magazine, Dataquest India, Reddit India.
  7. Community – Cross Validated, Quora, Smart Data Collective.
  8. Blogger’s own – Ankit Sharma’s Digg Data, Ajay Ohri’s Decision Stats.


A1. Cloudera Engineering

This blog is put out by Cloudera, a large software company that provides a platform for data engineering, data warehousing, machine learning and analytics. The blog presents articles and guides on various softwares, best practices, how-to’s, use cases, and internal case studies from the Cloudera Engineering team and the community.


Twitter: @ClouderaEng

A2. Dataquest

This is a popular blog to learn all the nuances of data analytics. Topics include data science, data analysis, and data engineering tutorials and articles. You can learn Python and R for data science. Know which libraries to use, how to code and work with data in your browser.


Twitter:  @dataquestio

A3. DataRobot

DataRobot provides a predictive analytics platform, to build and deploy machine learning driven predictive models. The automated platform helps you navigate your way through predictive analytics even with minimum Machine Learning or programming knowledge. Topics covered – AI, Enterprise Software, IT, ML, Predictive Analytics, SAS.


Twitter: @DataRobot

A4. DatDBMS2

The blog is run by Curt Monash, and it talks about database management, BI, analytics, and related technologies, including Amazon cloud platforms, Apache Cassandra and PostgreSQL. You will come across some interesting posts on applications and real-world stories about data products and companies.


Twitter: @CurtMonash

A5. Fixter

This blog teaches you Python in small bite-sized chunks that you can easily absorb during your coffee break. With cheat sheets, daily puzzles and fun classes, this is a must-checkout resource for learning Python.


Twitter: @FinxterDotCom

A6. Planet Python

As the blog title suggests, this is exclusively the domain of Python enthusiasts and professionals. It keeps you updated on the Python front.


Twitter: @planetpython

A7. R-bloggers

R-Bloggers is the ultimate go-to blog for tutorials, statistical analysis, R-based visualisation, problem-solving, packages and news on R. You cannot learn R without using this resource. Stay up-to-date with their daily feeds if you are a regular R user.


Twitter:  @Rbloggers

A8. R Studio

This is the best blog to catch up on the R Studio version. It has information on R Studio development environment, open-source releases, announcements, and company news.


Twitter: @rstudio

A9. The Crazy Programmer

This blog from India guides you through the simple basics of C, C++, Android, PHP, SQL, Net, Android and other coding languages. The Crazy Programmer Blog is an excellent resource and a must-visit for the not-so programming savvy, as well as the data scientist practitioner.


Twitter: @thecrazyprogrmr

A10. The Gradient Flow

The Gradient Flow is a blog managed by the Chief Data Scientist at O’Reilly Media. It posts on topics of AI, ML, data science and data engineering with real use cases, and keep you up-to-date on trends.



B1. Simply Statistics

The blog covers statistics use in big data. Simply Statistics is largely meant for data scientists, who want to crunch their data using statistics. The blog also contains valuable information for tackling interviews.


Twitter: @simplystats

B2. Stats Blogs

As the name suggests, the blogs is all about statistics. You can find useful posts on statistics, R, machine learning, data visualization, whether you are an intermediate level data scientist or a pro.


Twitter: @StatsBlogs

B3. Statistical Modelling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

This blog is run by Andrew Gelman, a professor in statistics. Topics covered include Bayesian Statistics, Causal Inference, Decision Theory, Statistical Computing and Statistical Visualisation. A great resource, if you want to explore the application of statistics in social sciences.


Twitter: @StatModeling

B4. Statistics How To

If you are a data scientist wannabe with less exposure to statistics, this is a good blog for elementary statistics help. It has more than 1,000 articles and 100 videos for elementary statistics, probability, AP statistics and advanced statistical topics. The blog has a well- defined index that allows to quickly find a stats topic.



C1. Dataconomy

This blog is a useful career-building source for all data scientists, both, wannabes and practitioners. From resource articles that help you build a career in data science to industry news, tech trends and a job database, Dataconomy’s wide-ranging coverage of topics makes it the most popular data science blog. The blog keeps-up with emerging trends that overlap with data science knowledge, and is a must-follow for all data scientists.


Twitter: @DataconomyMedia

C2. Data Science 101

Data Science 101 is another excellent blog for data science study. You will come across a wide range of topics that help you master data science from scratch; with from project tips to hands-on guidance on how to be a successful data scientist.


C3. Data Science Central

Although known as the online resource for big data practitioners, the blog is data science-centric. You will come across an extensive range of topics including data science, statistical software, analytics, data visualisation, machine learning, deep learning, big data, AI, Hadoop, IoT, and BI. Technology trends and tools are also discussed here. Data Science Central is the industry’s leading hub of data practitioners, with industry experts enriching the platform with discussions. Webinars, research articles and job postings make it a complete data science portal.


Twitter: @DataScienceCtrl

C4. Flowing Data

This is a well know blog, known for data visualisation. It explores statistics use for different applications of data analysis. The blog has some excellent guides and tutorials that help you get going on your data science journey, exploring your understanding of data and how it affects your everyday life. This is ideal for data professionals who have an innate curiosity and are keen to explore what they can visualise with their data.


Twitter: @flowingdata

C5. Kaggle – No Free Hunch

This is a blog with a difference, as it is meant for learning, sharing, competing, and collaborating. Besides the usual tutorials, No Free Hunch has industry news and views on the data science front. The platform allows its users to find and publish data sets, explore and build models, as well as work with other data scientists and ML engineers. Owned by Google, this platform has a unique competition that is more than often, innovative and challenging. Organisations post their data science problems, inviting participants to solve. This offers you the chance to participate in the projects posted, build best models and win prize money!

As a complete online community, the No Free Hunch blog is an interesting hangout for all of data scientists and machine learners.


Twitter: @kaggle

C6. O’Reilly Data

O’Reilly is the ultimate online guide to the widest range of tech topics, from software engineering and AI, to big data and data science. The O’Reilly blog is all about data and data-driven conferences or news, including aspects of data governance like data privacy, and conference takeaways.


C7. Smart Data Collective

The Smart Data Collective blog has valuable articles and news on analytics, big data, business intelligence, data management, IT, IoT, and software, contributed by some of the biggest names in data science. This is an excellent resource for applications of data science tools and technologies, put out in a simple digestible form. The blog is a resource centre for data scientists at any point in their career.


Twitter: @SmartDataCo

C8. Visualising Data

Although a less known data science blog, Visualising Data is certainly the best resource on data visualisation. Run by Andy Kirk, it is a one-stop blog for data visualisation resources, examples and discussions from industry experts. It also shares monthly posts featuring the best data visualisation content – articles on visualisation design, interviews with data professionals, and resources in various formats.


Twitter: @visualisingdata


D1. Datafloq

The Datafloq blog is run by Mark Van Rijmenam, and is a complete guide on big data. From business aspects of big data use cases, to trending tech topics like blockchain and artificial intelligence, this is a great blog for resources, insights and opportunities in big data for data science. It is the ultimate platform for professionals to connect through job postings, vendors, events, and training.


Twitter: @Datafloq

D2. InsideBIGDATA 

InsideBIGDATA is a go-to platform for news, strategies and products from the world of big data. It is focused on the machine learning application side of data science, with research reports and perspectives from project leaders.

The well-categorised resources include big data across verticals and technology use – AI, machine learning, and deep learning. With an interesting mix of blog posts, white papers, and thought leadership content; it has emerged as the ultimate guide for big data and data science practitioners.


Twitter: @insideBigData

D3. Planet Big Data

Planet Big Data curates articles from data science blogs and presents them in a simple to understand format. Topics include big data, Hadoop and related technologies. Blogs are usually culled from Simplified Analytics, Revolution Analytics, BrightPlanet, and Big Data University, to name a few.


Twitter: @planetbigdata

D4. What’s the Big Data

What’s The Big Data blog has a unique take on data science. It traces big data’s trajectory into emerging cross-functional domains, and gives you an insight into big data applications in industry verticals, government, and more. Tips, insights and use case are shared. The blog is run by Gil Press, a consultant with years of exposure to big data and data science.


Twitter: @GilPress


E1. Cartesian Consulting

This blog is hosted by the global analytics services firm Cartesian Consulting, which specialises in customer marketing and business analytics. You can expect to come across industry news, especially India-based, and resource content around customer value, precision marketing, pricing and optimisation.


Twitter: @CartesianConsul

E2. Flipkart  

The blog is part of the tech insights into the working of the Indian Flipkart e-commerce platform. The data science section is obviously e-commerce driven, with use cases, resource articles, application scenarios and relevant data science topics. A comprehensive and must checkout blog for every data scientist in India wanting to carve a career in e-commerce.


Twitter: @flipkart_tech


This blog from the industry leader, IBM, puts out information designed to empower you at every stage of the analytics journey. You will come across in-depth articles on business analytics, governance, data science and hybrid data management. A must-follow if you want to remain ahead in the data science landscape.


Twitter: @IBMAnalytics


F1. Analytics India Magazine

As a data science student or practitioner in India, you cannot miss out this comprehensive news and resource portal on every aspect that touches upon data. The digital magazine is run by Bhaskar Gupta, who ushered in a new era in data science and analytics publishing in India. Analytics India Magazine features in-depth articles on data science, best practices, trends, and tools, and news of events across the country. Although not your usual blog, it is India’s leading data-driven source that also chronicles the advances in analytics, big data, AI, ML, IoT, data science, tools and software implementation. A must follow!.


Twitter: @Analyticsindiam

F2. Dataquest India

This is a magazine focused on data and supporting technologies. One of the first tech magazines in India, it features articles and developments in cloud, mobility, security, data management, IT Infrastructure & data management. Market trend analysis, interviews of CXOs, annual surveys, start-up performance reviews, are some of its highlights. Dataquest is followed by every senior professional in the data science and IT landscape in India.


Twitter: @dataquestioT


G1. Cross Validated

Cross Validated is part of the Stack Exchange programming community; a Q&A site about statistics, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and data visualisation. Members are either experts or presently navigating the professional setting.  It is a blog worth diving into.


Twitter: @statsqa

G2. Quora Data Science

Quora is a Q&A forum where questions are asked, answered, edited, and commented upon by its user community. You will come across topics related to Data Analysis and Data Science at the links below.


Twitter: @Quora

G3. SmartData Collective

SmartData Collective is a community site focused on trends in business intelligence and data management. It features insights from industry experts in ways data science is applied business. Content includes big data, AI BI, cloud, analytics, IoT 


Twitter: @SmartDataCo


H1. Ankit Sharma’s Digg Data

This is a repository of personal experiences and experiments in the Data Science world from Ankit Sharma.


Twitter: @ankt_sh

H2. Ajay Ohri’s Decison Stats

This is an analytics blog covering issues in data science, including R and Python tutorials and interviews with analytics practitioners.


Twitter: @holydatascience

PS: Ajay Ohri mentors leaners 1:1 at Springboard