In an age where gathering information is more important than ever, the onset of Big Data has presented numerous possibilities to organizations to use data sensibly in every aspect of their operations.

Since data scientists extract and analyze vital data from relevant sources to assist a company in measuring success and planning for future goals, naturally, they are considered a valuable asset.

A study by Analytics India Magazine revealed that there are currently more than 97,000 job openings for data science and analytics. A similar 2017 IBM report stated that the demand for data scientists would increase by 28% by 2020.

A recent study reported that the job postings for data scientists have increased by 75% over a period of three years. That only shows that although the demand for data scientists is high, so is the competition.

That’s why being a data scientist has suddenly become a very desirable occupation. Therefore, if you are planning to pursue this lucrative field, it is best to get trained in the field of data science. To convince you, we have listed eight ways of how doing a data science course can help you succeed in the industry:

How Does a Data Science Course Help? 

1. Career advancement

Jumpstart your career by earning a data science course. Even if you are already working in the said field, a professional certification in an advanced data science online course can not only help you stand out from your competitors but also increase your earning capacity.

Furthermore, as a certified data scientist, you can work anywhere in the world. Countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the UK, and the USA are hiring at a rapid pace. Therefore, your chances of working abroad with this certification go up, and that also means a pay rise.

According to, an average data scientist pay in the United States is approximately $110,661 on a yearly basis. Whereas reports the average annual salary of a data scientist in India being just over seven lac.

2. Eligibility across domains

If you get a certification in this field, the chances of you getting bored are minimal. That’s because from retail and healthcare to entertainment and lifestyle – multiple industries are leveraging the power of data science.

Moreover, you can choose to be a part of a Fortune 500 company or join a startup. Today, every size of business wants to mine information for innovation and growth. Join their team as a data architect, business analyst, or data engineer – it is your choice!

3. Structured learning program

While it is okay to upgrade your skills by watching YouTube videos,  reading blogs ,and doing case studies, these free sources seldom approach learning in a structured format. Moreover, learning on your own usually takes a lot of discipline which is not always possible.

But when you invest in a proper online learning course, you know you there are assignments to be completed, one-on-one discussions with mentors to attend and online exams to appear for. A certification program will provide everything you need to master data science in an organized fashion.

4. Training sessions with data science tools

Data science is one field that’s evolving at a rapid pace, and data scientists are always switching tools to do their job efficiently. Without proper training, it is slightly tricky to know about all the data science tools in use today.

Different organizations employ different tools. To increase your chances of getting hired, you should not only have a fair knowledge of the subject but also be able to use a range of tools. After all, you should be able to talk about your skillset during a job interview confidently.

Once you join a certification program, you will be  trained on some of the most popular data science tools such as Python, R, SAS, TensorFlow, Tableau, Talend, and Spark.

5. Stamp of credibility

It’s true organizations prefer hiring those candidates who hold some degree or data science certification because that validates their skill set. Of course, experience in the domain also matters but earning an accredited certification from a reputed school of learning is evidence of a high standard of education and skills.

6. Coaching by industry experts

A data science course can help you build job-ready skills, develop a professional portfolio, and ensure you get personally coached by top data scientists themselves.

Springboard’s Data Science Career Track makes sure its students complete at least two industry-worthy projects for showcasing to future employers and get personally coached by top experts.

The right data science certification can help you benefit from the unique concept of mentor-mentee learning data science through an online mode. You can interact with professional data scientists, clear your doubts with them, and network.

7. Updation on the latest industry trends

Online learning a new skill set is not only necessary for expanding your job opportunities but also for being in the know. When employed full-time, it is challenging to read case studies, watch videos, or check out anything related to your industry. The monotony of the job takes over the entire day.

But when you are invested in a course, the chances of keeping yourself updated are high. It also shows you are committed towards ensuring your professional development, and will work to earn the desired certification. And, that’s a quality that impresses everyone. 

Therefore, a data science course can help you stay on top of the latest trends in the industry.

8. Shows dedication and commitment

Organizations appreciate those employees who focus on upskilling themselves. Just by deciding to enroll in a data scientist online course, the latter shows how passionate and serious they are regarding their career. A person who completes a certification despite having a full-time job shows a high level of dedication and commitment towards their job.

Therefore, no matter how busy you are, pick up a relevant data science certification, and complete it. That will show you can work well under pressure and give your best to meet deadlines. Organizations are always searching for skilled and passionate professionals!

In conclusion

The big data industry is growing by leaps and bounds, which means the demand for qualified data scientists will only increase. However, with adequate training and comprehension of new tools and methods, you can give yourself a competitive edge and be of great value to organizations.

Depending upon the industry, data scientists can help them optimize and improve operational efficiencies, offer personalized services by anticipating customer needs, and deliver relevant products to the market, among others.

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