This is the age of data; in every walk of life you come up against a veritable mountain of it. This is especially true of companies both big and small. The massive amount of data collected can be utilized to understand the trends of the market, the merit of a product, etc. Companies offer a data analytics internship to study the information provided by data to optimize their process and improve the overall efficiency of their product or system. 

Data Analytics Internship: Purpose & Prospects

Data Analysis is the lifeblood of today’s economies and experienced Data Analysts are in high demand. But how do you cut ice in an industry that demands a broad experience? This is where Data Analytics Internship comes in. As an intern, you can familiarize yourself with the trends and technologies in data analysis under the guidance of experienced professionals. With the massive demands for Data Analytics jobs, many companies offer internships to freshers which will gain you the much-needed experience and serve as a golden star on your resume. You can read up more on entry level data analytics jobs in this article. Just to throw some light on Data Analytics internship opportunities in India, lists 600+ jobs in its portal.

Any type of information can be subject to data analysis techniques. For instance, manufacturing companies can utilize the record of runtime, downtime and work queue of various machines and work out the bottlenecks in production. The travel and retail industries both use data analytics to understand the need of customers and the ever-changing demands of shoppers. The many structured and unstructured data collected from samples are analyzed and provide invaluable insight to researchers, especially in the healthcare industry. Data analytics is also the basis of many quality-control measures, especially in the financial sector.

Data Analytics Internship: Job Description 

Let us now look at what encompasses data analytics jobs. 

Broadly speaking, data analytics jobs include descriptive analysis (what has happened over a given period of time), diagnostic analysis (why has that something happened), predictive analysis (what is likely to happen in the near term) and prescriptive analysis (what course of action should be taken).

Data Analytics Internship: Qualifications and Skills 

At the least, a graduate-level degree is required for a Data Analytics internship, preferably in a Data Analysis program with a high GPA. Those who have a graduate degree in mathematics, statistics or economics from a reputed university are also eligible for entry-level Data Analytics internship. However, a higher-paying data analytics salary will need you to upgrade your skills, such as taking up Springboard’s Data Analytics Career Track course.  Read on to learn about the skills required to get that Data analytics internship or job that you’ve been dreaming of.

  1. Knack for Math

Those seeking a Data Analytics internship should have high levels of mathematical ability. Knowledge of Statistics is invaluable as well as the ability to solve common business problems like calculating compound interest and depreciation. A good grasp of college-level algebra, calculus, and understanding of tables, charts, and graphs are also essential for a competent Data Analyst. All these are used in data analysis for making visualization of data easier and will help in extracting information from it.

2. Flair for Coding

With the turn of the century, many of the techniques and processes of data analysis have become automated into mechanical processes or algorithms. So, data analytics jobs now include not just analyzing the data but also an understanding of the software or algorithm behind it and the knowledge to optimize the same. Data Analysts should have knowledge of at least one programming language in their repertoire. The more languages you know will simultaneously increase your expertise as a Data Analyst. Python, MATLAB, SQL, Java, and PHP are some of the programming languages regularly used by Data Analysts. 

During your Data Analytics internship, you must learn to build queries to extract the required information from huge amounts of data and create accurate reports. Some of the tools used for this are AS, Oracle Visual Analyzer, Microsoft Power BI, Cognos, Tableau, etc.

3. Aptitude for Communication

Proficient communication skills are a requirement in any business sector; this is especially true of data analysis. The Data Analyst has to work closely with IT specialists, executives, employers, and clients, and understand the specific requirement of each and the kind of information they want to derive from the available data. Once the information has been derived from the raw data, it needs to be presented in a concise report so that business decision-makers can optimize their production/system.

Now that you have a fair idea about the qualifications and skills required, read this blog to know more about how a fresher can get entry-level data analyst jobs. If you want to learn more about how to get data analytics jobs, read this article.

Data Analyst: Plotting Your Career Path

For those determined to build a remarkable career in Data Analysis, the Data Analytics internship is just the beginning. You need to always be abreast of changing trends and technologies and be ready to dedicate yourself to lifelong learning. The information provided by Data Analysts is used by Data Scientists to build business models using Machine Learning and predict/change the processes of the company. Many Data Analysts end up becoming Data Scientists because they will already have acquired many of the skills for it through experience. The high remuneration quotient of Data Scientists as compared to Data Analytics salary, due to the high demand and low supply of experienced Data Scientists, often provide an incentive for Data Analysts to transition to this new role. However, if your plan is to remain a Data Analyst, you will also need to brush up your managerial skills since promotions for Data Analysts are often for management-level work. 

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