Here’s a fact – AI use case(s) have now become an inextricable part of our lives. From Alexa playing our favorite song to google maps finding the best route for us, AI is now a routine technology. With its multiplying potential and scope, AI and ML have made their mark in almost all the industries […]

To have a successful career in future technologies like data science, machine learning (ML) and analytics, you need a combination of two complementary skill sets: An instinctive understanding of data and practical expertise with relevant tools. While developing an instinctive understanding of data will be a long-term and immersive endeavour, you can begin playing with machine […]

It has been over a month since Elections’ 19 were conducted. All of us were eagerly waiting to know who will sit next on the Prime Minister’s chair. In the meantime, one of Springboard’s Data Science Career Track learners Pratik Singh decided to do a project on Analysing Indian Election Data. Keep reading to learn […]