In 2019, India ranked third globally in high-quality research in artificial intelligence (AI). And its adoption is only continuing to grow. AI is having an impact across sectors — healthcare, gaming, education and even governance. In this path, the latest field to apply AI to practice is UI UX design. Whether it is automating the […]

Qualitative research is defined as a research method that focuses on gathering insights data or observations about users, products, or services through direct communication. This method is not only about “what” people think in a particular way but also “why” they think so in that specific way. This article aims to provide detailed information about […]

Going to college to learn UX design might be futile because there are very few universities that offer the subject, none that offer an exclusive degree. It is here that the UX design bootcamp is gaining widespread adoption among user experience design aspirants.  A popular alternative to expensive and time-consuming degrees in the US, bootcamps […]

“The roots of good design lie in aesthetics: painting, drawing, and architecture, while those of business and market research are in demographics and statistics; aesthetics and business are traditionally incompatible disciplines.” —  Paul Rand, graphic design pioneer and author of Design Form and Chaos. Today, the role of a UX designer is precisely that! Their […]

Let’s admit: We all judge a book by its cover. And hiring managers are no different. Having a good technical resume is as important as dressing sharp for a technical job interview. A well-written technical resume could become the gateway to your dream job. And not just any technical job but the one with a […]

Late last year, Nasscom reported that there are nearly 9000 startups in India. An overwhelming majority of these are technology products, which are offering unique and convenient digital solutions to real-world problems. In short, they are digitising user experiences. So, ‘are UX designers in demand?’ is the wrong question to ask — because it’s obvious […]

Have you heard of Hey email? It’s a new email platform from the creators of Basecamp. It was widely spoken about and actively embraced by millions of people even before it launched. Do you know what’s different about Hey? The user experience. The team at Hey have entirely redesigned the way people think of email. […]

Industries often use the term ‘user experience’ during product designing. They want to know individual perceptions, behaviour, and physical and psychological responses of the users during and after using their products and services. This is nothing but the user experience they wish to know. User experience matters when designing and optimising a product. A user […]

According to India Skills Report 2020, more than half of graduated engineers in 2020 are not employable. As we’ve known for a long time now, having a college degree doesn’t automatically mean you are job-ready, especially in future technologies like data science, machine learning or UI/UX design. You need more than that. The good news […]