Probably one of the most frequently asked questions by candidates is – what is the difference between UI and UX design? If you’ve always wondered this yourself, this article should give you a good insight into UI vs UX design along with the key differences between the two. First, allow us to give you a […]

Whoever coined the phrase “the customer is king” knew what he was talking about. Every business constantly tries to create products that appeal to customers. Without customer reach and approval, the best of ideas can go to waste, and customer approval depends to a great extent on how a product looks and feels. In fact, […]

Dreaming of becoming a UX designer, but you’re still snoopy about what all design career entails? What is it like to be a UX designer? And what does a UX designer do? The responsibilities of a UX designer continue to be a mystery for many because of its relative freshness. There are a lot of […]

User Experience Design (UX design) is a diverse skill that combines several elements of market research, psychology, and technology to define user interaction and experience for websites and applications. The domain is not limited to web and desktop applications, it is an integral element of almost every product, whether it be industrial, commercial or domestic. […]

Renowned Italian designer, Massimo Vignelli said, “Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” While minimalism in visual design or neomorphic in UI/UX design is trending today, following them alone doesn’t automatically make for good design. To know how to design, you need to know the fundamental principles that govern user […]

User Experience Design, more conveniently known as UX design involves making products that allow users to have richer and streamlined experiences. UX Design depends a lot on ergonomics as well as human behaviour even though it appears as a conceptual design stream. In India, UX Design is popular as an out of the box career […]

If you have read our blog post about what a UX designer does, you’d have noticed that the first thing we talk about is user research. Understanding the user, market, competition etc. is foundational for UX design. In several cases, the question of UX researcher vs UX designer might never arise, because it might be […]

User Interface (UI) designer role is responsible for the visual aesthetics, interactive design and theme of the website/blog/product of the organisation. A search for “UI designer” on Google will display results for both the UI/UX designer, thereby creating confusion and making it difficult to understand the exact difference between the two. In a nutshell, UI […]

Author Seth Godin likes to reiterate that, “No one learns to ride a bike from a book, or even a video. You learn by doing it.” In a way, this applies to all things we learn, doesn’t it? While you can learn the basic theory of UI/UX design by watching videos, you can become a […]