Currently, there are so many dashboards and statistics around the Coronavirus spread available all over the internet. With so much information and expert opinions, to see different nations adopting different strategies, from complete lockdown to social distancing to herd immunity, one is left thinking as to what the right strategy is for them. Is there […]

The demand for Python programming language is steadily increasing because of its powerful, versatile, and open-source nature. As a result, the demand for python developers is also increasing. By building your expertise in Python, you can unleash endless career opportunities. If you have been wondering how to learn Python, then you have reached the right place. […]

R programming language is now one of the most popular languages used in the world of data science. It can be used to analyse both structured and unstructured data. The reason behind the popularity of R for data science is its robust functions and open source nature. If you have been planning to learn R […]

It is common knowledge that the data scientist role is one of the most sought-after jobs in the country. Naturally, the salary reflects this demand. Studies find that data scientists earn 2-3 times the remuneration earned by a software programmer for the same level of experience. What’s more! There is enough demand in the market […]

NASSCOM reports that 40% of the total 4 million workforces in India need to upskill in the next 5 years to keep up with the changing technology needs across industries. According to Coursera’s 2019 Global Skills Index survey of 60 countries, India ranked at #51 on most in-demand tech skills like machine learning and data […]

It’s that time of the year again – appraisal 2020 is right around the corner and we’re sure everyone’s preparing for a positive meeting. After all, there’s a lot that goes into a performance review meeting. Over and above your work throughout the past year, the manager also evaluates your communication skills, your ability to take bigger roles […]

Over the centuries, women in STEM have had an incredible journey of contribution and innovation. STEM-inspired fields like Aerospace, National security, Biochemistry, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence(AI), etc, use cutting-edge technologies that need a broader and unbiased perspective. Concerning the increasing gender gap in STEM-related fields, there is a drive to encourage and promote women […]

With the surging popularity of the Python programming language, many Python frameworks are being developed or upgraded to allow greater customisation and work efficiency. By providing a structure for app development and automating the implementation of common solutions, frameworks allow developers to concentrate more on the logic of the application. There are mainly three types […]

Career Transition from Software Developer to Data Scientist can be tough, even scary! Not because you need to learn math and stats but because you also need to battle out the common mistakes people often make while progressing in their data science career. Avoid them, and you are all set for a successful career change […]