While the data science vs data analytics vs machine learning vs artificial intelligence debate is creating revolutions across industries, there’s still a considerable amount of doubt that hovers over the two terms. The two are interconnected but have different scope, follow different approaches, and produce different results. Organisations are always on a lookout for expert professionals […]

Extracting meaningful information from your large datasets can be challenging. Nonetheless, studying the key question, “What is data mining?” can offer deep insights to mitigate this problem. In addition, using the age-old and proven science of statistics in modern data analytics can save a lot of time, effort, and money for you. Statistics brings economy […]

Past few years, Data Science industry trends are mainly revolving around some big names such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with some newer technologies such as Serverless Computing, Digital Twins, and Blockchain. Although all these technologies are doing remarkably well, as time goes on it’s also important to take note of the present […]

Python is a leading programming language which is majorly used for solving data science related tasks and challenges. As a result, there are numerous Python libraries for data science that you can use for effective and easy computation. Machine learning and data science experts are in high demand at the moment. And if you are new […]

According to a 2019 Dice Report, the demand for data engineers grew by 88% between 2018 to 2019 and this is just the beginning as organisations are hungrier than wolves to hire data engineers in 2020. The shortage of skills is leading to a high demand for data engineers with average salaries shooting upto INR […]

Data science is on a continued upswing — both in terms of career opportunities as well as in the ways that organizations, across industries, are making use of it. Everyone from HDFC bank and Flipkart to the government of India is leveraging data science platforms, methods and techniques. Clearly, there’s no time like the present […]

Data Scientist is one of the top job profiles in India, with Glassdoor citing the average base salary in the 7 figures. A recent survey found that analytics professionals earn 26% more than software engineers in India. And a quick search on LinkedIn yields over 4,000 current job openings for those seeking a Data Science […]

Data science jobs are the talk of the town! Many final year graduate students, especially from engineering discipline, look forward to a career in this new-age field related to Artificial Intelligence. A data science internship is one sure-fire way to understand the domain as well as to get a first-hand experience in this field. Many […]

“How to make a career transition from Data Analyst to Data Scientist ?” This is one of the most common questions our admission counsellors come across. Our career counsellors come across several talented data analysts who are keen to make a career transition to become a data scientist but are not sure where and how […]