As a Sales & Marketing Head, Mr. John’s goal is to boost the sales of his organization by determining the drivers of sales. To achieve the goal, he needs to be clear about the following: The most profitable products offered by the organization The in-house promotional and marketing strategies  The effective deployment of product placements  […]

It seems like every other month, someone’s out there touting the new best thing in the data science industry or must-have data science skills. The first step in honing your data science skillset is figuring out what skills you’re good at and what needs to be improved. Being a successful data scientist means you have […]

Data Analytics and Data Science are the buzzwords of the year. For folks looking for long-term career potential, big data and data science jobs have long been a safe bet. This trend is likely to continue as AI and Machine Learning become highly integrated into our daily lives and economy. Today, data is the new […]

Python is already a proven language in the data science industry. It has now taken the lead as the toolkit for scientific data analysis and modeling. In this blog, we would like to highlight some of the most popular and go-to Python libraries for data science. These are open-sourced libraries, offering alternate ways of deriving […]

The Data Science Journey So you must be asking yourself:  “Okay, so what is the career path for a Data Scientist?” “How do I get a job in Data Science?” “Where do I seek help to migrate laterally to Data Science?” “Is upskilling enough to get me going?” “Does a standalone certificate help me find […]

Every organization today depends on the features of data mining tools to plan their business decisions and cut costs significantly. Different data mining tools require different approaches. Some tools require no programming experience whilst some might require minimal coding experience.  There are ample data mining tools available in the market that are free and interesting […]

Ever since the term “Data Science” emerged in the tech scene, there has been a lot of confusion and debate in defining and distinguishing the job role of a data scientist. The data science industry is well known for its diverse range of job titles and aggrandizement of job roles, which makes it difficult for […]

Have you ever wondered why some individuals from the same class or discipline get better jobs than the others, sometimes despite poorer grades? Well, that’s because they are “smarter”. They have leveraged their capabilities and skillsets (big or small) in a “smart” way that got them jobs with great salary packages in fast-growth companies. So […]