Data science interviews can be some of the most demanding conversations you will ever come across in your career. There are a large set of questions that might be asked, and the answers can be tricky if you don’t understand the questions clearly. This is why we regularly bring Springboard mentors to identify and share […]

When I began typing the title of this article, “text generation using recurrent n…”, the tool I’m typing on, Google Docs, began automatically completing my sentences. In this case, it accurately suggested recurrent neural networks! If you’ve ever used Gmail compose or even Google search, this wouldn’t surprise you, because the predictive text has been […]

The age-old question of ‘which deep learning framework to use’ has now changed. Developers are now asking ‘PyTorch vs TensorFlow: Which one out of the two should I use?’ While TensorFlow has been around for a long time, PyTorch is like the new kid on the block which has slowly and steadily built its base. […]

Python programming language ranks third among the most loved languages by developers worldwide, finds this year’s Stack Overflow Survey. In addition, developers who don’t know Python say that it is the top language they want to learn. Its popularity is increasing especially among data scientists, machine learning engineers and artificial intelligence professionals. Several jobs in […]

In a world driven by data, those with the skill to handle and make sense of the humongous pile of data are at the forefront of the professional food chain. With more and more companies basing their business decisions on data-driven insights, job profiles such as data scientists, machine learning engineers, data analysts and data […]

Think about the last movie you watched on any OTT platform. Did you go there to watch exactly that movie? Or did you scroll through the platform and pick one that is recommended? Most of us use some recommender system or the other, everyday — across movie watching, online shopping, social networking, news publications, etc. […]

In data science, exploratory data analysis (EDA) is an important function. It is the process of analysing datasets to identify their main characteristics so that further insights can be gleaned from it. It helps data scientists understand the data — not just statistically, but also philosophically. In this blog post, Flipkart’s ML Decision Scientist, Abhishek […]

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional in transition, the interview for your next data science job can be daunting. What would they ask? How difficult would the questions be? How do I answer them? If the thought of data science interview questions is giving you sleepless nights, let us help you. In […]

When the answer to every question is available at the click of a button, reading a book to learn a skill might not be your first choice. Understandably. The Internet gives us instant access to timely and relevant information. You could download your data, write an algorithm, and Google your way through it. Then why […]