The big breakthrough in finding a COVID-19 vaccine came on November 18, 2020, when pharma major Pfizer announced that its mRNA vaccine has achieved 95% efficacy. But RNA is tricky. It is highly unstable and needs to be stored in temperatures under -70°C. Hold on, why are we talking about mRNA in a blog post […]

TechCrunch recently reported that hiring managers no longer give brain teasers or puzzles in data science interviews. Instead, they give candidates project-based assessments. This means prospective employees are expected to analyse real-world data provided by the companies. Here, a candidate who has a portfolio of data science projects showcasing their skills is more likely to […]

If you’ve been looking into data science skills and qualifications, you’ll have noticed that there is no one size fits all universally recognised data science certification. You can earn a data science certification from an accredited university, or from a recognised data science certification bootcamp or earn vendor-specific data science certifications such as SAS Certified […]

What will a data science certification cost in 2050? Well, you could ask a data scientist, who might gather some fees data, inflation data, apply predictive analytics, write a couple of algorithms and give you an answer. I can only tell you what it will cost today: Anything between nil, if you’re self-learning and Rs. […]

Recruiters often face a hard time shuffling through millions of job applications. For a data science job application, the number of applications is overwhelming. In order to best decide the correct candidate recruiters often stick to top data science interview questions to assess the technical abilities of the candidate. Researchers, investors, and business owners have […]

Ten years ago, Eric Mayefsky — the founder of LeftApps, former analytics advisor for Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, and former director of data science at Quora — interviewed for an internship at Facebook. The first question he was asked was, “How many consecutive zeros are there at the end of the expansion of 1,000 factorial?” […]

Did you know, there are 43 lakh people hooked onto youtube every minute? This number amazed us as much as it did to you, but we were more relieved realising that data jobs aren’t going anywhere. Whether you are pursuing a career as an analyst or a machine learning expert, your role will only get […]

Data scientists — professionals who use data-driven techniques to solve business problems — are so much in demand that they’re considered recession-proof. Yet, as a country, we are lagging behind in data science. This is a huge area of opportunity, not just now, also in the foreseeable future. But, if you’re a Bangalorean, you know […]

In family gatherings, young children are often asked, “what do you want to become when you grow up?” Depending on a wide range of things, children often say doctor, engineer, lawyer, IAS officer, etc. These most often tend to be professions which require a ‘degree’. Thankfully, not every professional need a graduate degree. One of […]