Data Analytics is a booming field in the present time. Highly skilled professionals are required across industries to help organisations improve and expand their business. From providing a better understanding of your audience to enhancing user experience, data analytics plays a pivotal role in all business-oriented operations. Due to the varied applications of data analytics […]

You’ve decided to get build a career in the data analytics field. But much before you can begin your exciting journey on honing your data analytics skills and push yourself to accomplish things you never thought would be possible, you’ve got to understand an important first step in the career transition process: building a data […]

Data analytics applications have practically expanded to all spectrums of individual lives. It never really fails to make our lives easy whether it’s with targeted advertising or speech/advanced image recognition. But this time it has outperformed itself and is literally saving our lives So, its success is not something we need to debate upon. Amidst the […]

Even before the big data revolution, ‘data analytics’ as a form existed across businesses. From calculations of profit and loss from hundreds of thousands of transactions to productivity measurements in large factories, data analysts have always studied data, gleaned insights and informed business decisions. In the digital age, data analytics jobs have become not only […]

The role of a data analyst is as challenging as it is exciting. You not only need data analytics skills but ample practical experience to become successful in this career path. You also need to have a command over some soft skills that would help you blend into the organisation and its practices, and to […]

Data is the new oil. In the world transforming at breakneck speed, from government, startups till corporations, everyone is evaluating data to reach solutions. Not only do giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft rely on data but even in the sports, medicine industry, data analysis is needed to create a viable impact and sustain. As a result, […]

Technology is evolving continuously and so are the careers related to it. Emerging technologies like data science, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, UI/UX design, etc. offer a lucrative career with interesting jobs and good working environments. But is it only for the professionals who have a tech background? Not really! If you are a […]

If you have considered becoming a data analyst, you’ve most likely thought about what you can expect in terms of entry level data analyst salary. Will your data analyst salary increase considerably over time? Will you be able to make ends meet as a data analyst in your first job? Which industries pay the highest […]

Currently, there are so many dashboards and statistics around the Coronavirus spread available all over the internet. With so much information and expert opinions, to see different nations adopting different strategies, from complete lockdown to social distancing to herd immunity, one is left thinking as to what the right strategy is for them. Is there […]