You might be amazed to see how smart cars are these days. When you were growing up you just had the basics like fuel tank indicator, speedometer, and tachometer. Today, even the basic cars have everything from fuel consumption efficiency to range (how much distance you can go before you run out of fuel) wrapped […]

Data is everywhere and is humungous (big data!). So, there is an increasing need to quantify and analyze data for maximizing business productivity and growth.  Industries across many verticals adopt data analytics techniques to facilitate decision-making and improve operational efficiency.  Data analytics encompasses varied emerging technologies such as business intelligence, reporting, online analytical processing, and […]

Data Analytics and Data Science are the buzzwords of the year. For folks looking for long-term career potential, big data and data science jobs have long been a safe bet. This trend is likely to continue as AI and Machine Learning become highly integrated into our daily lives and economy. Today, data is the new […]

Springboard India is excited to launch Data Analytics Career Track to help learners transition into the field of Data Analytics. We have partnered with Microsoft for this program and is built for anyone in functional roles( Sales, Marketing, Operations, Consulting/Strategy, Finance, Project Management, Researchers and Software developers) looking to make sense of historical data to […]

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”-Sam Walton What differentiates a customer from a brand loyalist? It’s Customer Service, predominantly.  A study revealed that every year, US companies lost more than $62 billion because of […]