India has been crowned the most ‘digitally dextrous’ country in the world, even beating the US and UK. The credit for this goes to a large, young workforce that has been eagerly adopting digital technologies to make their jobs easier and themselves more productive. And why not? The future scope of machine learning promises exactly […]

Elon Musk recently predicted that in five years AI will become more intelligent than its human creators. He explains that it could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons if poorly regulated. On the other hand, Tesla, Musk’s autonomous vehicle manufacturing company, recently built their own AI chips for their self-driving cars. Whether you’re a fan […]

Since the advent of machine learning, there have been revolutionary changes in many facets of everyday life. Many aspirants are moving towards getting machine learning certification. Not only computers are substituting manual labour, but they have also begun to replace much of the brain work too as they have an iterative approach, and are now […]

Relatively unfamiliar until a year ago, the word ‘pandemic’ now dictates our daily lives. Unlike other similar events like the Spanish flu or the Plague, the COVID-19 pandemic has happened in an era where the rate of technological development is at a historic high. For instance, Viraj Tyagi, CEO of eGov Foundation, says that the […]

With the rise in the demand for machine learning related careers, many are now opting to learn similar courses online as it is viewed as a lucrative career option. While there is a plethora of job opportunities in this field, candidates tend to miss out due to a lack of deep clarity about the right […]

Machine learning engineer vs data scientist: Comparing top careers across job roles, skills, salaries and future paths.

Top 5 careers in Artificial Intelligence, with job description, salary and scope: Data analytics, UX, NLP, Research, Software Engineering

In this blog, you will learn how to implement a simple linear regression model in Python without using any pre-built models, make predictions using this model on publicly available data for Calories and Obesity. You will also learn to measure the accuracy of the model using r2 score (one metric to measure the accuracy of […]

Ever wondered how scientists can predict things like the weather, or how economists know when the stock markets will rise or dip? Well, machine learning regression is a magical tool behind all of these forecasts.  Regression is one of the most important and broadly used machine learning and statistics tools. It allows a user to […]