Simply put, a programming language is a form of communication — between machines and geeks. Just like human languages, it has rules, grammar, pronunciation, and even scripts. Including dialects, accents, and esoteric ones, there are thousands of programming languages currently in use. Thankfully, you don’t need to know them all. We’ve parsed the most notable […]

Raise your hand if you have ever been confused when comparing machine learning vs deep learning. Well, the good thing is, you aren’t the only one. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a very broad concept and the latest technological buzzword. Companies around the world now want to incorporate AI in their business processes in some way or […]

How do you think Google translates the entire webpage to another language in a matter of seconds or Alexa understands your language (human speech) and executes the order? All this has become possible through the power of deep learning. It is so embedded in our lives already that the intelligence no longer feels out of the […]

Nearly all predictions say that machine learning and artificial intelligence will transform the future — change the way we work, do business, perhaps even live. If you’re an aspiring data scientist, looking to supplement your learning, and practicing your skills, the best way is to start with your own personal projects, working with data science […]

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, projects India’s IT sector market to reach Rs 6,98,900 crore by 2025, becoming home to over 40 lakh IT jobs across the country. Correspondingly, the complexity of work has also grown. The biggest growth is seen in future technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data […]

To have a successful career in future technologies like data science, machine learning (ML) and analytics, you need a combination of two complementary skill sets: An instinctive understanding of data and practical expertise with relevant tools. While developing an instinctive understanding of data will be a long-term and immersive endeavour, you can begin playing with machine […]

There’s no denying the fact that we live in a time where technology has become less artificial and more intelligent. Whether we talk about AI applications or the applications of its subsets in particular (machine learning and deep learning), the scope is far beyond what humans could have or can imagine.  From asking Alexa to […]

From self-driving cars to streaming platforms that suggest TV shows based on previous behavior—machine learning is everywhere. While it is often confused with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning is actually a subset of AI. Machine learning algorithms use data to learn and optimize its operations and in turn, develop intelligence over time. The implementation of […]