If you have been looking for a TensorFlow guide for beginners, then you have reached the right place. TensorFlow is a machine learning framework created by Google that is quickly gaining momentum around the world. Machine learning is a rather complex concept, but implementing machine learning models becomes much easier with frameworks like Google’s TensorFlow. […]

Every organization from Facebook to Federal Bank employs machine learning experts today — Facebook for myriad functions, like the complex computer vision algorithms to read images/videos to the blind; Federal Bank’s FedRecruit for 360-degree narrative assessment of job applicants. Machine learning careers are growing, and will only continue to do so. But, how to build […]

It’s time we direct our attention to the Artificial intelligence vs Machine Learning arena. Why? Because Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are not just another buzzwords that will fade into the oblivion. They’re rather technologies that are here to stay and will continue to shape our lives in unimaginable ways. Our job is not to […]

In the past, we have seen many companies adopt artificial intelligence(AI) by applying machine learning that provides systems the ability to learn automatically and improve from past experience without being explicitly programmed. One type of machine learning is Supervised Machine Learning that requires a data scientist to provide input data set along with the desired […]

Machine Learning (ML) is the basis of different kinds of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. AI systems create human-like reasoning and learning in computer-based systems, and Machine Learning jobs use algorithms and statistical models to facilitate machines to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine Learning models can be considered […]

Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword, which is taking over the IT industry at a swift pace. Artificial intelligence jobs are futuristic. These aim at automating repetitive tasks by machines as well as making machines learn, demonstrate, explain and advise the user. The World Economic Forum predicts that AI may lead to a net increase of […]

It is easy to get confused when comparing supervised vs unsupervised learning since both of them are essentially two techniques of machine learning. In other words, supervised and unsupervised learning describes two different ways in which machine learning algorithms can learn from data and make predictions. The most fundamental difference between them is that supervised […]

Reinforcement learning is one of the hottest buzzwords in the IT industry and its popularity is only growing every day. An artificial intelligence technique that is now being widely implemented by companies around the world, reinforcement learning is mainly used by applications and machines to find the best possible behavior or the most optimum path […]

As technology such as machine learning transforms the business landscape, every industry is looking forward to the expertise of machine learning professionals. But while machine learning jobs are trending, talent supply for these rewarding jobs haven’t kept up and talent acquisition teams have to invest tremendous efforts to hire the right talent. It’s the right […]