We all use Google. From finding out the meaning of an unknown terminology to searching for places to visit, we are predominantly dependent on Google. But why? The reason is simple; because it has answers to all our questions. There’s no denying that Google is the largest search engine in the world. It analyzes heaps […]

According to Forrester Research, the demand for data science is not restricted to digital natives and large enterprises anymore. With enormous volumes of readily available data, virtually every industry wants to leverage that information to personalize customer experiences. That means not only high-tech and software domains are benefitting from data science but also other sectors […]

Organizations across domains rely on data to make critical business decisions revolving around which new products to develop, investments to make, markets to enter, and so on. They also use data to identify and rectify workflow inefficiencies and other business problems that hamper growth. Furthermore, the insights from data analytics have added value to multiple […]

Today, most of our searches on the internet lands on an online map for directions, be it a restaurant, a store, a bus stand, or a clinic. It has become our virtual compass to finding our way through densely populated cities or even remote pathways. Google Maps is one of the most accurate and detailed […]

In an age where gathering information is more important than ever, the onset of Big Data has presented numerous possibilities to organizations to use data sensibly in every aspect of their operations. Since data scientists extract and analyze vital data from relevant sources to assist a company in measuring success and planning for future goals, […]

The impact of data science has been felt across a range of industries, and this fact emerges clearer than ever when we consider the technology advancements in the last few years. When we take a look at the retail industry, most business owners who have been quick at incorporating the emerging technologies agree that it […]

The advanced computing and programming technologies of the twenty-first century have brought forth artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning applications from the pages of fiction. Their integration has led to the development of robust products with the capability of automating various processes and solving complex problems. The machine learning models can simply learn from experience and […]

In the last few months, we have had several aspirants contact us about their intense interest in venturing into the world of AI and machine learning to build flawless data-driven products and solutions. However, we have observed that most of them actually are not sure of the foundational skills and education required to pursue a […]