This e-book attempts to unpack the UI/UX design landscape and shares with you insights on how to become a UX designer and build a strong portfolio.

We at Springboard India have exciting news to share that has significance for us, our learners, and you – our community of students and professionals – who are keen to up-skill and achieve your dream career. We are happy to announce that we have raised $31 million in Series B funding, bringing our total capital […]

India has been crowned the most ‘digitally dextrous’ country in the world, even beating the US and UK. The credit for this goes to a large, young workforce that has been eagerly adopting digital technologies to make their jobs easier and themselves more productive. And why not? The future scope of machine learning promises exactly […]

The global big data analytics market size was tagged at $193 billion in 2019 and is set to grow at 10.9% over 2020-2027. Within this, India’s market share is about $2.71 billion and the rate of growth of data analytics trumps even the global market: 33% CAGR. Bigger the industry, more opportunities, better jobs and […]

Elon Musk recently predicted that in five years AI will become more intelligent than its human creators. He explains that it could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons if poorly regulated. On the other hand, Tesla, Musk’s autonomous vehicle manufacturing company, recently built their own AI chips for their self-driving cars. Whether you’re a fan […]

The big breakthrough in finding a COVID-19 vaccine came on November 18, 2020, when pharma major Pfizer announced that its mRNA vaccine has achieved 95% efficacy. But RNA is tricky. It is highly unstable and needs to be stored in temperatures under -70°C. Hold on, why are we talking about mRNA in a blog post […]

Industry ready skills, tools and projects, all in a matter of months: These reasons make UI online training programs the top learning path for aspiring UI designers. The market for online bootcamps has grown tremendously with top jobs — like this one at Byju’s, for instance — emphasising lesser on professional degrees and more on […]

TechCrunch recently reported that hiring managers no longer give brain teasers or puzzles in data science interviews. Instead, they give candidates project-based assessments. This means prospective employees are expected to analyse real-world data provided by the companies. Here, a candidate who has a portfolio of data science projects showcasing their skills is more likely to […]

Your phone rings, it’s the hiring manager for the data analyst job that you want more than all others – the dream company you’ve had your eye on since your college. The data analyst job role?  It’s the perfect balance between comfort, learning, continuous development, and full of career growth opportunities. They’ve got a massage […]

If you’ve been looking into data science skills and qualifications, you’ll have noticed that there is no one size fits all universally recognised data science certification. You can earn a data science certification from an accredited university, or from a recognised data science certification bootcamp or earn vendor-specific data science certifications such as SAS Certified […]

What will a data science certification cost in 2050? Well, you could ask a data scientist, who might gather some fees data, inflation data, apply predictive analytics, write a couple of algorithms and give you an answer. I can only tell you what it will cost today: Anything between nil, if you’re self-learning and Rs. […]