Have you ever wondered why some individuals from the same class or discipline get better jobs than the others, sometimes despite poorer grades? Well, that’s because they are “smarter”. They have leveraged their capabilities and skillsets (big or small) in a “smart” way that got them jobs with great salary packages in fast-growth companies. So […]

While there is a lot of hype about Data Science being the sexiest job of the 21st century, not much is said about the Data Science journey to acing the job.  What do you need to land a job in the next 6 months?  Is a Data Science Certification sufficient to crack your job interview?  […]

One of our learners, Pratik Singh, has worked on an amazing project on analyzing elected Member of Parliaments in India-2019. Keep reading how his experience was as he describes it. The quote from Spider-man ‘With great power comes great responsibility‘ is heard time and again at various occasions. But how often we abide by that, […]

The key to getting better at data science and furthering your learning as an aspiring data scientist is– Practice, Practice, and Practice. After learning the basic data science skills, the typical advice mentors at Springboard give is to practice on a variety of data science projects from image processing to speech recognition.  One of the […]

It has been over a month since Elections’ 19 were conducted. All of us were eagerly waiting to know who will sit next on the Prime Minister’s chair. In the meantime, one of Springboard’s Data Science Career Track learners Pratik Singh decided to do a project on Analysing Indian Election Data. Keep reading to learn […]

While many other buzzwords like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud are thriving, let’s see how data science is trending – Data science is no more a buzzword as Google Trends clearly shows that the interest in data science has increased over the last 5 years. Even for professionals entering the data science industry- and […]

We recently decided to address the most common concern about the expected salary a Data Scientist or AI/ML professional in India with the help of Chirasmita Mallick (Principal Data Scientist at Startup accelerator Program and Ex Senior Data Scientist at Philips). Here’s what she said. Read below: The biggest question most people transitioning into Data […]

Logistic Regression is another technique borrowed from statistics by machine learning for classification problems.  Approximately 70% of the data science problems are classification problems making them an integral part of machine learning and data science. Classification is a technique where the data is categorized into a specific number of classes. Let’s understand the concept of […]